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Second edition of MVC Sports 2023 culminated in Lima

On Saturdays, February 4th and 11th, nine teams participated in the second edition of MVC Sports organized by the youth of the Christian Life Movement of Lima.

It is an event of fraternization among the young people of the Christian Life Movement, in which various sports competitions were held in order to share and have fun with family and community, according to Macarena Arnillas, in charge of organizing this apostolic activity.

After the good reception of the first edition by the participants in the summer of 2022, the MVC Lima youth team decided to launch MVC Sports also this year with the participation of 9 teams with 15 members each.

Macarena shared with us that it has been an opportunity to “generate, through sports, unity and fellowship among the youth of the MVC, promoting above all Christian values ​​and virtues such as friendship, solidarity, humility, modesty, perseverance, tenacity and justice, this in order that they are reflected not only on the field but also applied in the daily life of each young person”.

Second date at the Nuestra Señora de la Reconciliation College.

The first date (02/04) was held at the José Abelardo Quiñones School and the final was held on Saturday, February 11th at the facilities of the Nuestra Señora de la Reconciliación School.

Sport and faith

“Sport is an excellent school of Christian freedom, an authentic pedagogical path to experience the virtues.” Writes our Sodalit brother Alexandre Borges, Coordinator of the Christian Life Movement, who was in charge of the conference: “Sports and Christian commitment” addressed to all the participants of MVC Sports and which was held on Wednesday the 8th, between each sports date.

Our brother Alexandre Borges has shared two posts on our blog entitled “From faith to sport, from sport to faith”. You can read them here: part 1 / part 2.

“I can say that the talk allowed everyone present to learn a little more about the relationship between sport and the Christian life, placing great emphasis on the values ​​and virtues that sport entails, which we are called to put into practice in our lives. in order to better live our faith”, commented the manager of MVC Sports.

“I would dare to say that this talk helped the young people a lot to remember the main meaning of MVC Sports, which with great joy was reflected more than ever on the second date by many of them”, added Macarena Arnillas.

Reflecting on how this talk helped her, Angela Hernández tells us: “as a pilgrim Church in the world we must continue to be active, bearing witness from our own lives and take advantage of the fact that the world of sports is also an excellent school of virtues and values ​​that allows us to develop whole as people. Sharing our gifts is a great gift to continue fostering a culture of sport”.

For Felipe Aguado Capurro, captain of the blue team that won the 2023 cup, listening to these reflections helped him a lot to “reflect on defeats and how we should deal with them. Sport helps us to exert ourselves to the best of our abilities to achieve a goal, despite so many difficulties, the important thing is to learn and keep trying”.

Ángel Cárdenas, captain of the yellow team, recalling the moment of Alexandre’s talk, tells us that “any sport arouses passion, but I saw that it could help to categorize various things that happen in sports, especially in relation to effort”.

The experience of the captains

The blue team was the winner of the 2023 MVC Sports Cup.

The blue team was the winner of the 2023 MVC Sports Cup.

For Angela Hernández, participating as captain of the red team in MVC Sports 2023 has been an “incredible” experience. She shared with us that “sport is a concrete means to unite and fraternize, meet our team and row to the end”.

“With my team we have enjoyed it, we have laughed, celebrated each victory and in each defeat we have encouraged each other. Also being a spectator of the great sportsmanship of all the teams that made it up with great gifts and talent is what as a church we must continue to maintain and forge”, she told us.

Felipe tells us: “I had to cheer on my team when it was our turn to lose, help maintain the community spirit and keep going. When I had to make a mistake, I had to assume and apologize, I learned a lot from my mistakes. I remember that before the football final, we were happy for everything we had experienced and we prayed a Fiat to the Virgin to give us strength. I thank God and the organizers for this incredible family experience”.

For his part, Ángel tells us about his experience: “If I had to choose two words, it would be joy and admiration for the perseverance of the participants. We did not champion, but particularly the apostolate that we were able to do without realizing it was a great prize”.

Finally Macarena, “captain” of the entire organization, wanted to thank God for entrusting her with the direction of MVC Sports 2023. “Without your company, help and strength in the difficult times that arose and without the people you put on the road who were behind everything helping in the planning this would not have been possible”, he said.

The winning team of the MVC Sports Cup 2023 was made up of young people from the Santa María de Chincha School, the Nuestra Señora de la Reconciliación Parish and the José Abelardo Quiñones School.

Red team members.

Red team members.