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A Christmas with purpose: MVC spreads love and hope with solidarity campaigns in Latin America

In the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas, the Christian Life Movement (MVC) deployed several solidarity campaigns, which spanning Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica, aim to spread the central message for this season: remember that The center of Christmas is the birth of Jesus.

Voluntarios de Navidad es Jesús en Lima.

How were the Christmas campaigns in Peru?

In the Peruvian capital, the MVC Lima carried out six “Christmas is Jesus” campaigns, extending its love and help to places like Pamplona, Manchay and Puente Piedra with nearly 500 volunteers who joined the cause, benefiting around 1000 families.

In addition, a “Bread for my Brother” campaign was carried out that brought the Christmas message to people on the streets. On their Instagram account they show a video summary of the warm Christmas dinner they prepared for them and which featured a musical performance by the group Takillakkta.

They celebrate Christmas with 300 children and 180 families in Chincha

The Emevecistas of Chincha, a city located south of Lima, announced with joy that they had reached the joyful message of the birth of Jesus to 300 children with the “Christmas is Jesus” campaigns in addition to helping 180 families through the “Box of Love.”

Campaña de Navidad es Jesús en Chincha.

“Christmas is Jesus” was held in the Lord of Miracles sector, providing support to the Pueblo Nuevo parish. In this noble cause, 40 volunteers from the MVC Chincha participated. In addition, the solidarity action had the valuable support of a group of families from Nazareth de Lima who dedicated themselves to serving 50 children and 25 families in the Grocio Prado district.

Finally, another day was held during which care was provided to 50 children from the Chacarita sector. These children receive regular attention from the “Bread for my Brother” service, which is carried out weekly, and on this occasion had the active participation of approximately 10 volunteers.

Campaigns, love boxes and a solidarity dinner in Arequipa

To the south of the country, in the city of Arequipa, the MVC extended its solidarity action with an endearing “solidarity dinner” held by the Emevecistas who participate in “Xto de la Caridad.”

Cena solidaria de Navidad es Jesús en Arequipa.

The “solidarity dinner” in Arequipa is a tradition that began in 2017, intended to provide a special moment to people who work on the streets. More than 100 people benefited from this evening that included a festive dinner, the delivery of clothing, raffles for small gifts and the distribution of 50 bags of groceries, a gift for 50 families in need.

For its part, the Department of Apostolate of the Universidad Católica San Pablo (UCSP) organized 8 Christmas campaigns aimed at different low-income areas such as a shelter in the city of Arequipa. Furthermore, for almost ten years the delivery of the “Love Box” has been promoted, which for this occasion reached three locations, two in Arequipa and one in Ayaviri (Puno).

Colombia: The love box benefits 1,771 families in various regions of Antioquia

Throughout 26 deliveries distributed in various places, the Love Box has managed to benefit a total of 1,771 families in different regions of the department of Antioquia.

Entregas de Cajas del Amor en Colombia.

The initiative covered not only the city of Medellín, including commune 13, Belén, Castillo, Bello Oriente, Altos de Oriente, Carpintero, La Avanzada, San Pablo, Popular, Popular 1, Picacho, Aranjuez, El Salvador, Nuevo Oeste, but also also surrounding municipalities such as Envigado, Guarne, Carmen del Viboral, Bello, Turbo, and more distant towns such as Timbiquí in Cauca, Betania, Sahagún in Córdoba, Nueva Colonia in Turbo and Itsmina in Chocó.

It is estimated that more than 150 people actively participated during the campaigns, including 15 permanently linked promoters and 10 logistics volunteers, some of them children of the beneficiaries served in the solidarity centers.

While from the city of Cali, María Paula Arias, who on this occasion led some deliveries, told us that “the joy on the faces of children and grandparents, the excitement of new volunteers and the connection between the beneficiaries and volunteers who have already been on the project, it was unforgettable.”

18 ‘Christmas is Jesus’ festivities benefit 900 families in Costa Rica

The MVC held a series of “18 Christmas is Jesus Parties.” These events took place in towns in the provinces of San José Cartago and Puntarenas: such as Turrubares, Patarrá, San Diego, Turrialba, León XIII, Los Guido, Paquera, Coronado, Anonos, San Miguel Desamparados, Tirrases, Venezuela, La Carpio, Dulce Nombre and El Fierro.

P. Juan José Paniagua dando una charla a familias en una campaña de Navidad es Jesús.

With the estimated participation of 100 volunteers, these festivities managed to benefit a total of 900 families, leaving a mark of love and hope in every corner that touched the Christmas spirit of the MVC in Costa Rican lands.

Christmas message reaches 2,500 hearts in Ecuador

In Ecuador, the “Christmas is Jesus” campaign reached almost 2,500 beneficiaries. Throughout various deliveries, the initiative spread through the city of Guayaquil, the Daule Canton, Tarifa, and covered the provinces of Azuay, Pichincha and Manabí. The generosity of many people who donated to these campaigns has been key.

In each delivery, Christmas parties were held with the families, which included snacks, songs, occasionally plays and gifts for the children, creating moments of great joy.

Voluntarios de una Campaña navideña en Ecuador.

Solidarity and hope in Brazil

In Petrópolis, the Christian Life Movement carried out a unique but significant Christmas campaign in Meio da Serra. The initiative managed to benefit 50 families in this community.

In each delivery, a small Christmas party was held, where moments of joy were shared with refreshments, songs, and occasionally plays, making each gesture more than just help, becoming a celebration of solidarity and hope.

Voluntarios con entregas navideñas para las familias de Somar Río de Janeiro.

On the other hand, in São Paulo, the Christmas spirit was manifested in three significant actions. First, an exciting Christmas party was held for 300 beneficiary children in association with a partner school.

Full of fun and joy, the day included Christmas catechesis, games, a soccer tournament, face painting, and more. In addition, Christmas baskets were delivered to the families of the beneficiaries, with more than 360 baskets distributed along with Panetones. Christmas bags were also delivered, benefiting 300 children with clothing, toys and other items, thanks to donations from people and companies.

Saint Joseph School and the MVC benefit 100 families in Maipú and La Pincoya

Voluntarios y beneficiarios de la campaña navideña en Santiago de Chile.

In Chile, from “Saint Joseph School” and the MVC, two Christmas campaigns were carried out that joined forces to bring Christmas boxes with products to more than 100 families in vulnerable sectors of Santiago, specifically in Maipú and La Pincoya.

The protagonists were the students, parents of all levels (pre-school, basic and middle school) and some families from the MVC in the mountain area.