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Young people from the Christian Life Movement in Italy find renewal in the mountains

Last Saturday, February 17, a group of young people from the Christian Life Movement (MVC) in Italy and Sodalites undertook an inspiring walk to the heights of the Apennines in preparation for the first Sunday of Lent.

The initiative to organize these mountain walks was inspired by the past experiences of many young people who have visited the most significant places in the life of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Benedict of Nursia.

Francesco Anzuini, emevecista and guide of this walk, shared his vision about this experience: “Walking, praying and sharing the fatigue and laughter of authentic moments gives us a renewed perspective on life, Creation and our relationship with the Creator.”

Encounter in nature

During the day, participants had the opportunity to pray the rosary while contemplating the majestic Sabini Mountains and the Tevere Valley. This encounter in nature not only provided a moment of reflection and communion, but also strengthened the bonds of friendship and faith among the members of the MVC.

“Verso l’Alto,” which translates into Spanish as “towards the heights,” was the motto adopted by Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, “inspiring us to ascend both physically and metaphorically, in the hope that this longing for transcendence will inspire more and more young people to join us on this path to the top,” shared Francesco.

Apostolic activities of the MVC Italy

Finally, MVC Italia plans to organize similar walks every month. In addition, they meet to pray the rosary and carry out mission trips to Latin America and spiritual activities such as “Holy Hour.” If you want more details and information about future activities, you can follow their Instagram account: @mvcitalia.