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Sodalitium Christianae Vitae - English / News  / ICTYS and the Parque del Recuerdo Cemetery inaugurate the exhibition “Vía Crucis, Camino hacia la Pascua” in Lurín (Peru)

ICTYS and the Parque del Recuerdo Cemetery inaugurate the exhibition “Vía Crucis, Camino hacia la Pascua” in Lurín (Peru)

As soon as Lent began, on Saturday, February 25th, the Cultural, Theater and Social Institute (ICTYS) next to the Parque del Recuerdo cemetery inaugurated the posthumous exhibition of the master Néstor Castro (*1939 +2022) that brings together a complete work with fourteen stations of the Via Crucis and a Risen Christ.

ICTYS has indicated that this exhibition is an opportunity to pay homage to Don Néstor for his more than sixty years of fruitful work as an outstanding ceramic artist.

The work can be seen in the Exhibition Hall of the Chapel of the Parque del Recuerdo cemetery from Monday to Sunday from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, and will be available until Wednesday, May 3rd, according to the organizers.

Reflecting on this exhibition, Damián Pérez Moyano, manager of Identity and Culture of the Parque del Recuerdo, comments: “on the path of the Cross, God invites us to follow him closely through prayer, charity and penance, not to diminish our life but to enrich it”.

Néstor and his unpublished work

“Vía Crucis, camino hacia la Pascua” is an unpublished work “that he just gave us”, shares our brother Javier Leturia, director of ICTYS. “His transition from him to the House of God took us by surprise and he left us this beautiful work that we now admire to walk with Jesus this Lent and to remember the work of Master Castro”.

When talking about the maestro Néstor Castro, Javier tells us: “through his works, he has sought to give a social message with the elaboration of his pieces that preserve Peruvian traditions and customs, particularly from the Huancayo region. In the same way, he has sought to recognize the workers, men, women, who through multiple trades earn a living working hard to bring bread to their homes”.

We share this video, produced by ICTYS, in which you can learn more about Nestor’s life and his work.