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New formation initiative of the MVC Ecuador: “Life in the Spirit”

Last Saturday, March 2nd, the Christian Life Movement (MVC) of Guayaquil launched a new comprehensive training program for young people: “Life in the Spirit.” This program seeks to deepen the relationship with God the Father through the transforming action of the Holy Spirit.

Training spaces for young people

“For a few months now, we identified a need for training spaces for the young people of the MVC in Guayaquil,” explains Pili Jarrín, member of the youth apostolate team of the MVC Ecuador. “For this reason, we designed an itinerary with different formative, spiritual, community and apostolic spaces, which can contribute to the spiritual growth of young people.

“Life in the Spirit” offers its participants a comprehensive formative experience that seeks to help them live a deeper and more coherent faith. Starting from the gifts of Baptism, the initiative proposes a unitary and organic vision of the Catholic faith, integrating theology, liturgy, morality and daily life.

Beyond activities: “A whole life lived in Christ”

Our brother Juan Carlos Tuppia, one of the trainers of the program, highlights that the proposal “always starts from what the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have already done in us and continue to do through their infinite mercy,” highlighting the importance of Trinitarian action in the life of the Christian.

“Sometimes we are tempted to reduce life in the Spirit to activities we have to do or things we have to think about; but life in the Spirit is fundamentally an entire life lived in Christ; life that has already been donated to us freely in baptism,” explains Juan Carlos.

Spirituality permeates every moment of life

David Álvarez, member of the youth apostolate team of the MVC Ecuador, states: “Life in the spirit transcends the borders of time and space. It is not limited to a sacred place or a specific day of the week. Rather, it manifests itself in every interaction, in every decision, and in every thought.”

“Personally, I hope that the participants can feel the beauty of the Christian life in their daily lives and that they lift their constant hearts to heaven and that they express it in their work in the different areas in which they are called to bear witness to the One and Triune God.” , said David.

More information about “Life in the Spirit”

The program will be enriched with events such as the Holy Week Days, University Convivio, Collegiate Convivio, Misiones Convivio, Advent Day, and the International Eucharistic Congress in Quito, in which the presence of Pope Francis is expected.

“Life in the Spirit” begins April 6th. It includes 16th training meetings, on Saturdays from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., with talks, personal prayer and groups.