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Meeting of Sodalits: “An experience of encounter, communion and friendship”

In a recent meeting of incorporated sodalits, that is, those who have already made their commitments of Full Apostolic Availability in the Sodalitium , 32 brothers with more than 10 years of perpetual commitments gathered in the “Our Lady of Guadalupe” community in Lima, Peru. This event was divided into two moments, from January 2nd to 6th and from January 16th to 20th.

Sodálites en el reciente encuentro de formación permanente en Lima.

Starting the year with a renewing experience for our Sodalit brothers becomes vitally important, as Father Kenneth Pierce highlights: “The most important thing was the experience of encounter, communion and friendship. That was very refreshing and in the different experiences of the brothers we were able to see how God is accompanying and forming us.”

The experience of praying together, of participating in the Eucharist and Eucharistic Adoration was also very profound,” he shared.

On the other hand, our brother Pablo Perazzo said: “I deeply value the occasions in which we share our experiences in a very fraternal atmosphere. We open our hearts, telling about our apostolate and personal spiritual struggles, realizing the Love that God has for us and how he has always been faithful throughout so many years of perpetual commitments.”

Sodálites en una charla del encuentro de formación permanente en Lima.

Ongoing formation: “God always forms each one”

“The idea behind it is that God always forms each one, at every stage of life, not just at the beginning of Sodalit life,” Father Kenneth, a member of the coordination of permanent formation at the Christian Life Society.

“Ongoing formation is the stage that every Sodalit lives who has already made their commitments to Full Apostolic Availability in the Sodalitium of Christian Life,” summarizes Father Kenneth.

It is important to add that training within the Sodalit community is made up of two different stages. There is the “initial formation period”, characterized by its structure and oriented towards full apostolic availability in perpetuity. Once this phase is completed, the Sodalits advance to the “continuing training period.”

Sodálites en el reciente encuentro de formación permanente en Lima.

Going deeper into the sodalit encounter

The meeting revolved around three aspects of Sodalit life. Firstly, the communion and friendship between the Sodalits, secondly, that it be an instance of formation, and finally, it was sought to also be an occasion for communion in prayer.

During the course of this meeting, our brothers reflected on topics such as: community life, the liturgy, the presence of Saint Mary, and also a presentation on the Ratio Formationis.

All reflections were presented by Sodalit brothers, with the exception of Father Massimo Serretti, who was invited to offer a theological reflection on ongoing formation virtually.

The motto that guided these days was “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me” (Lk 4:18), remembering the moment that each Sodalit lived in the celebration of their commitments of Full Apostolic Availability. The opening day included a morning of prayer with a meditation on the motto, shared remotely by Father Gonzalo Len.

Finally, they had moments in which each brother shared experiences from their Sodalit life. This process was very enriching for the participants.