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Bishop José Negri ordained Craig Kinneberg deacon in São Paulo

On March 19, on the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Bishop José Negri, PIME, Bishop of the Diocese of Santo Amaro ordained our brother Craig Kinneberg as a deacon in the Sant’ Ana parish in São Paulo, Brazil. Craig shared some reflections with us about this moment in his life as he prepares for the priesthood.

“Diaconal ordination was, without a doubt, a very significant moment for me. In some ways, it was many years of visualizing and preparing for that, and I am very grateful for the gift I have received. “I felt deeply serene during the celebration, and I think that is a sign of divine action in me.”

During the ceremony, Bishop José Negri highlighted the connection between Saint Joseph and the diaconate, emphasizing humility as a fundamental virtue in both the life of the saint and that of a deacon. This reflection resonated with Craig: “it will be something I will try to keep for a lifetime.”

Among those present were friends of the Christian Life Movement (MVC) of São Paulo, members of the Sant’Ana parish and diocesan priests close to Craig, including the Auxiliary Bishop of Santo Amaro, Dom Marcelo Antonio da Silva. As well as his brothers from the Sodalite community, among them Juan Carlos Boldt, Vicar General of the Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana, and Fr. Marcello Carrillo, General Assistant for Spirituality.

Craig shared his words of gratitude to God: “I see this gift I have received as a call to service and as part of something much greater which is always trying to ‘seek the face of the Lord’ in my life.”

The reception following the Mass provided the opportunity for attendees to express their congratulations and share the joy of this special moment in our brother’s life.

Let us raise our prayers that Craig’s service as a deacon will be a light that illuminates the hearts of many.

Craig Kinneberg, American by birth, entered the Sodalitium of Christian Life at age 20. After living in Peru for 3 years in formation, in 2013, he moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where he helps in youth and solidarity pastoral work. He has completed studies in Philosophy and Theology.