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Our Mother walks the streets of Philadelphia

In our charism, the Virgin Mary represents a great example of Christian life that invites us to offer acts of devotion such as the recent procession of the image of Our Lady of Reconciliation that we held on October 23rd in Philadelphia, United States.

As in previous years, this procession was loaded with prayers, songs and the recitation of the Holy Rosary.  Our Lady of Reconciliation toured the campuses of the universities of Drexel and Pennsylvania, ending at St. Agatha and St James Parish with the celebration of a Holy Mass.

The faithful participated, including members of St. Agatha and St James Parish, the Christian Life Movement and university students, for whom it represented a beautiful experience of taking our Mother to places on campus where they have so many struggles and so many growth experiences.  It was also an opportunity for parishioners to proudly display their faith to the entire city of Philadelphia.

After the procession and the Eucharistic celebration, the attendees participated in a lunch at the parish facilities where they could share their experiences and testimonies of this activity.

Sarah Cahill, a former student of Drexel University and a participant in the procession, tells us that as she walked behind the platform, “I was no longer just looking at my Mother on the platform, but I was contemplating her presence in my life all along of university. It was intense.  I had moments of suffering, anguish, joy, exhaustion, loneliness, emotion, etc, but at every moment I saw that She was there praying for me too, She knew everything that I was going through”.

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