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Progressivism and its impact on the family: A conference with Pablo Muñoz

On May 13th, the Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá Pastoral Center of the Christian Life Movement (MVC) in Bogota, Colombia, was the scene of the conference “The myth of progressivism: Where are our families going?”, presented by Pablo Muñoz Iturrieta, doctor in Political and Legal Philosophy.


Conference by Pablo Muñoz at the MVC Bogota Pastoral Center.

Conference by Pablo Muñoz at the MVC Bogota Pastoral Center.

It is worth mentioning that Pablo is also a Master in Philosophical Psychology and the author of several books, including: “Atrapado en el cuerpo equivocado: la ideología de género frente a la ciencia y la filosofía” (2019) and “Las mentiras que te cuentan, las verdades que te ocultan” (2021).

At the beginning of this space for the cultural apostolate, our brother Raimundo Languevin shared that “if there is something that goes against the truth, Christians are going to do everything possible to train ourselves and do everything on our part so that the Kingdom of God is more present in our society”.

In his conference, Pablo Muñoz, addressed the roots and direction of progressivism, based on historical facts that demonstrate the background of current projects against the family.

Families: a wall against tyranny

At one point during the conference, talking about the crisis in Canada, Pablo Muñoz shared the case of the young Canadian, Josh Alexander, whom he interviewed on his YouTube channel and asked why are they attacking the family? He replied “because the family is basically the retaining wall against tyranny”.

Later, he urged the attendees, telling them: “you have to defend your families! and the most important way to defend yourself is to train yourself and your children”.

“We do not have to be innocent, there is a political program that aims to completely transform the constitutional and legal order, not only of Colombia but of all our countries”, remarked Pablo.

In the final stretch of his speech, he suggested that it is also important to form communities: “because if we form communities we will be able to support each other and face this. What the government wants to do is destroy the communities, because when you are alone before the state you are totally defenseless”.

Reflections of families attending

During Pablo Muñoz's conference.

During Pablo Muñoz’s conference.

For Marcela Cardona, “it is very important that as Christians and parents, the origin of the events that are occurring in our country and the world in general be known in order to have tools that help defend the integrity of our faith and our families”.

She said she was grateful to the Christian Life Movement for providing spaces like this. At a time when attacks against faith and family are increasingly evident, she believes that these spaces allow her to be a true light.

On the other hand, Ximena Devis, who attended the conference with her husband, told us that it caught her attention when Pablo explained about the lack of training for young people in many schools, with the aim of preventing them from thinking for themselves, creating thus a “society of sheep” in which critical thinking is not encouraged. This talk, as Ximena explained to us, conveyed a powerful message to open one’s eyes and be vigilant in caring for one’s children.

Next, we share the video of Pablo Muñoz’s conference that the MVC of Bogota has published on its YouTube channel: