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Ratio Formationis del Sodalitium: Committee coordinator tells us about the progress made in the last meeting

From January 23rd to February 3rd of this year, the Sodalits who have been tasked with preparing the Ratio Formationis held a meeting in the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe community in Lima (Peru). In this regard, we spoke with Mijailo Bokan, coordinator of this committee.

Sodalits members of the elaboration committee of the Ratio Formationis.

Sodalits members of the elaboration committee of the Ratio Formationis.

Saint John Paul II, in Vita consecrata 68, affirms that a Ratio Formationis seeks to be “a formation project inspired by the institutional charism, in which the path to follow is clearly and dynamically presented”.

Going deeper into the work that the committee has been doing, Mijailo explained to us that “this training project seeks to provide, in an organized manner, the necessary guidelines for experiencing a constant process of renewal and growth. Therefore, when we refer to a Ratio Formationis of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, we are talking about the gradual and permanent itinerary of integral formation of a person called to the vocation to full apostolic availability —from his entry into a community until his death— according to one’s own charism received in the Church”.

Sodalit formation is divided into two periods: “Initial formation period, the most structured, which leads to the act of full apostolic availability in perpetuity; and after the act with which the Sodalit is incorporated into the Sodalitium, the period of permanent formation follows”.

The objectives of these eleven days of work were: to finalize the section on permanent formation, which occurs after the incorporation of a brother in the Sodalitium, that is, after the Commitments of Full Apostolic Availability in Perpetuity. And review each of the four parts that the project has up to now: Fundamentals, guidelines for apostolic filial formation, dimensions and periods of Sodalit formation.

Mijailo, shared with us that throughout the year the work will continue virtually, and since they were summoned by the Superior General, on May 14th, 2019, they try to meet twice a year in person. This meeting has been the first of them, he said.

“Whenever we have our face-to-face meetings, we start with a morning of community prayer to put ourselves in the presence of the Spirit. And then we usually have spaces for study, reading, reviewing the tasks we have done, dialogue, discernment and on some occasions we invite someone who has to work on something with us”.

“The experience for all has been one of great communion, of listening to one another, of discernment in the Spirit, of sharing, of valuing one’s own, also of letting ourselves be accompanied by the ecclesiastical authorities”.

Committee members working during the most recent meeting.

Committee members working during the most recent meeting.

Let us remember that on April 9th, 2019, the Department for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life appointed the now Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda, SJ. as Delegate for the formation of the Sodalitium. Since then he has been accompanying and guiding the committee formed for this purpose.

Regarding this accompaniment, Mijailo has expressed that “the help of Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda has been very important for us because on the one hand we have felt the company of the Church and on the other, he has required us to give a reason for our charism and spirituality”.

Finally, Mijailo has told us that in the next few days he will be traveling to Medellin. “Because there we will have a meeting to work on the training programs with all those who are in charge of some formative stage or who are trainers”.