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Emotional recognition and farewell to Mons. José Antonio Eguren after 18 years of service in Piura and Tumbes

On the second Sunday of Easter and feast of Divine Mercy, Bishop José Antonio Eguren, Archbishop Emeritus of Piura, celebrated a farewell Mass in the Cathedral Basilica, receiving moving displays of affection from the Catholic people of Piura as well as various expressions of gratitude for the pastoral work accomplished over 18 years.


Bishop José Antonio began his homily by thanking his brother bishop, Bishop Guillermo Elías, who since April 2nd assumed the position of Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Piura. “Thank you for being here this morning, thank you for allowing me this farewell Mass,” he told her.

At another time he shared: “Let us trust in the decision of the Holy Father, which is ultimately the decision of Jesus himself. Let us trust, the Lord knows more and better than us. May there be peace in our hearts.” Furthermore, he recalled the need to maintain the splendor of the liturgy and the Eucharistic cult, “the people of God will thank you.”

It should be noted that the date of the farewell Mass coincided with the twenty-second anniversary of his Episcopal Ordination, which took place in the Cathedral Basilica of Lima. Later, on July 11th, 2006, he was named archbishop of Piura and Tumbes by Pope Benedict XVI.

Recognition of Piura authorities

In an emotional ceremony held in the “Almirante Miguel Grau” Assembly Hall of the Provincial Municipality of Piura, and in the presence of the Provincial Mayor of Piura, Gabriel Madrid Orue, he presented the city medal to Monsignor José Antonio Eguren Anselmi, granting him the title of “Favorite Son” of Piura.

Also participating in this event were Congressman Miguel Ciccia, Regional Governor Luis Neyra; the Head of the Piura Defense Office, César Orrego Azula; the president of the Ladies Committee of the Provincial Municipality of Piura, Lic. Geraldine Sandoval Palacios, among other authorities.

Mayor Gabriel Madrid highlighted the dedication of Monsignor José Antonio Eguren Anselmi to the service of others in said city, expressing that “naming him an illustrious son is a way of thanking him for his infinite expressions of love towards Piura. Wherever Monsignor goes, he will always find a Piuran grateful for his work for the benefit of Piura.”

In a message published on his Instagram account, the mayor added that “for a long time, he had the image of a great leader in the figure of the monsignor. His absence, from now on, will be a great void for the Catholic community in the region.”

“I think he is a person who has given a lot to the city,” Mayor Gabriel Madrid shared with us. “I thank you for everything Piura has done, for seeking the unity of all Piurans.”

For his part, the Regional Governor of Piura, Luis Neyra León, has highlighted that he is very grateful for “that message of working together that he always instilled in the authorities, which is giving results because now we are carrying out many projects precisely because of the union and articulation that “We are having many authorities.”

“Monsignor Eguren got to work and helped us physically in many of the most difficult moments that Piura went through, I was affected by Cyclone Yacu and several rains and he was working with us, hand in hand,” he said.

Finally, the head of the Piura Ombudsman’s Office, César Orrego Azula, expressed that in his eighteen years in charge of the Ombudsman’s Office, “Mons. José Antonio could be named as a defender of the people of Piura because he was attentive to the protection of the dignity of the person, from the little one conceived to the elderly person. We have to deeply appreciate the affection he has for Piura,” he expressed.

Institutional recognitions

It should be noted that the pastoral work and commitment of the Archbishop Emeritus of Piura, José Antonio Eguren Anselmi, SCV, have been recognized and appreciated by important institutions in the region. The Chamber of Commerce and Production of Piura, in a gesture of recognition and gratitude, has highlighted the effort and dedication in his pastoral work. Likewise, the University of Piura has expressed its gratitude, highlighting his humility, simplicity and dedication to others during his mission in Piura.

In the same way, military and police authorities of the Region have spoken expressing their recognition and gratitude.

Thanks to the Sodalitium of Christian Life

At the conclusion of the farewell Holy Mass, Bishop Eguren addressed a few words of gratitude to the Sodalits present, expressing: “I want, in a very special way, to express my gratitude to the members of my community, of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae. A group has come from Lima to accompany us and accompany me in this farewell Mass. It has been a pleasant surprise for me, I didn’t expect it. The Regional Superior for Peru and a group of brothers have come, both consecrated laymen and priests.”

“18 years ago they accompanied me, they came here and left me among you. Eighteen years later they come to pick me up and take me back to the community. Thank you dear brothers.”

We Sodalites join in the gratitude of the faithful of Piura and Tumbes for their service to the Church and we assure them of our closeness and prayer.

It is worth mentioning that Bishop José Antonio also had the company and support of the members of the Christian Life Movement of Piura.

On the resignation of Bishop José Antonio Eguren

As is known, the Press Office of the Holy See announced last Tuesday, April 2nd, the acceptance by Pope Francis of the resignation presented by Mons. José Antonio Eguren, who to date has served as archbishop of Piura.

In an official statement, Bishop Eguren expressed his gratitude to God for the opportunity to serve the Church in that region, as well as to the Successors of Saint Peter for their trust. Likewise, he requested support for Monsignor Guillermo Elías Millares, who takes over as Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Piura.

Biographical data

Bishop José Antonio Eguren Anselmi, born in Lima in 1956, completed his studies in philosophy and theology at the Faculty of Pontifical and Civil Theology of Lima. He entered the Sodalitium of Christian Life in 1974, while studying Literature at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and began to live in the community in the late seventies.

Later he studied philosophy and theology at the Faculty of Pontifical and Civil Theology of Lima where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Theology. In 1982 he was a resident at the Bolivarian Major Seminary of Medellín, in Colombia, and carried out specialization studies in Spirituality and Liturgy at the Pastoral Theological Institute of CELAM (Latin American Episcopal Council).

In 1981, he issued his perpetual commitments of full apostolic availability in the Sodalitium. The following year, on December 12th, 1982, he was ordained a priest. On February 16, 2002, Saint John Paul II named him Auxiliary Bishop of Lima, and on April 7th of the same year he received Episcopal Ordination. Later, in 2006, Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Archbishop of Piura and Tumbes. His canonical investiture took place on August 22nd, 2006, and the following year, in 2007, he received the Archbishop’s Palio.