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Reconciliatio celebrates 10 years committed to prevention

The association ‘Reconciliatio – Desenvolvimento da pessoa (development of the person)’ celebrated its tenth anniversary of service in prevention and psychological care with a sharing on August 26 with the presence of Msgr. Gregório Paixão, Bishop of the Diocese of Petropolis.

For this reason we spoke with our brother Dante Carrasco Aragón, General Coordinator of Reconciliatio, who shares his reflections on this anniversary.

Dante Carrasco, Coordinator of Reconciliatio - Development of the person

Dante Carrasco, Coordinator of Reconciliatio – Development of the person.

What does it mean for Reconciliatio to reach these 10 years?

For us it is something very special. First of all, we thank the good Father for having given rise to this project. It is a time to look back and see that it is a short time, but with many details from God, as at the same time it has been nice to receive many messages of congratulations, expressions of affection and at the same time a lot of trust from other people, Church leaders and who trust us, and that encourages us.

What have been the greatest blessings you have received during this time?

The blessings are many, the commitment of those of us who coordinate this project, the experience of forming a work team that we organize and project ourselves from the vision of faith and our charism. Later, I think that the most important thing has been the growth of the Program for the Prevention of sexual abuse of minors and the construction of safe environments. There we have found a service, through courses, consultancies, training and interventions in psychology; which, through a reflection based on the reality of the person, face this great problem that we live in society and in the Church.

At the same time, I believe that it is a small fruit of the call to be apostles of reconciliation, considering what we still need to reconcile within our spiritual family.

What expectations do you have for the future?

Continue to trust in God and respond according to our concrete reality. I think it would be important to bring together more people, professionals, especially from human sciences and anthropology, and for us to continue offering programs for comprehensive development, care and protection of people.

Finally, I am very happy for what it has meant for my Sodalit vocation to participate in Reconciliatio, and to live my apostolic vocation together with members of my spiritual family, serving society, the Church and also within our spiritual family.

Reconciliatio is an association that was born in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the context of the dialogues and reflection of a group of psychologists who sought to reconcile their experience and comprehensive vision of the human being through psychological science.

Members of the Reconciliatio team with Msgr. Gregório Paixão, Bishop of Petrópolis

Members of the Reconciliatio team with Msgr. Gregório Paixão, Bishop of Petrópolis.

It is worth noting that for several years, Reconcilatio has been offering various training services in abuse prevention, building safe environments, as well as psychological care to victims who have suffered abuse in Church institutions in Brazil and other countries.