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Reflection and fraternal communion at a meeting of Sodalits in Lima

During the days between May 29th and June 3rd, the annual meeting of temporary Sodalits of Full Apostolic Availability (PDA) and consecrated to Mary took place in the city of Lima, Peru. This event brought together the participants in the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe community, where they had the opportunity to talk with José David Correa, the Superior General of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae.

Sodalits who participated in the meeting.

Sodalits who participated in the meeting.

Our brothers participated in various activities during these days, experiencing friendship in the Lord Jesus and deepening Sodalit spirituality. The formation occupied a prominent place in the program of the meeting. They received talks on the spirit of the meeting, Sodalit intellectual formation and ongoing formation, among others.

Sérgio Brandão shared that during the meeting, various aspects of Sodalit life were discussed, such as “the importance of the Eucharist, formation, advances in the educational model of our charism, as well as interesting dialogues on the global geopolitical context and the organization of the MVC in Lima”.

The visits to the Sodalit works were another highlight of the meeting. Our brothers had the opportunity to learn about the experience at the Nuestra Señora de la Reconciliación College and the San Pedro College.

During the visit to ICTYS.

During the visit to ICTYS.

They also visited the headquarters of the Theatrical and Social Cultural Institute-ICTYS. Regarding this moment, Leonardo Plaza shared: “I am always impressed by the cultural evangelization that they carry out. It is amazing to see how the gospel is incarnated in the lives of popular musicians and artists, both in their artistic work and in their day to day life. His works forcefully convey the truths of faith”.

Experiences during the meeting of Sodalits

Esteban Trujillo, reflecting on this week, said: “the most enriching thing is sharing among brothers from different countries, with different realities. Despite our differences, sharing the vocation and belonging to the same generation brings us renewal and fraternal joy in these shared spaces”.

“I think that sharing between brothers is always something special. Being able to pray together, talk, laugh, celebrate the Eucharist, sit and talk, remember, hear about various initiatives where some brothers are serving is something that helps me to be grateful for all the gifts that God gives us”, shares Sérgio Brandão.

In a moment of sharing.

In a moment of sharing.

“The experience of communion with the brothers in the liturgy and the communion of life and mission with them. We are very different, we live in different places, our particular missions are varied, but we always feel in harmony and communion in the Lord”, shared Leonardo Plaza.

For his part, Gonzalo Vega reflected on something that has marked his experience these days: “During the meeting we meditated, prayed and talked about the epiclesis of the Spirit, which is the descent of the Spirit of God on everything, on us, on each one of us, about the projects, our wounds, the people we relate to and their stories. Everything in a mysterious way is related.