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Saint Mary de Chincha School closes the Month of Mary with a procession in honor of the Virgin

The Saint Mary de Chincha School celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm the closing of the month of May, known as the month of Mary , with a procession dedicated to Our Lady of Reconciliation. The central day took place on May 30th, a day full of activities that reflected the love for the mother of God.


A day to remember

The celebration began with a solemn Eucharist, in which the offerings and requests that the students and their families made throughout the month were presented. During the Mass, the mothers of the senior students offered a special prayer to Saint Mary , giving a rosary to her children as a symbol of the maternal protection that we all feel from our Mother.

After the Eucharist, the Marian procession began. During the tour, everyone prayed the holy rosary, and at each mystery, students from various grades paid tribute to Saint Mary with songs and prayers.


It was a moving moment in which the students participated with fervor and devotion. The procession culminated with an emotional tribute from the senior students, who dedicated a sailor dance to the Virgin, an act that symbolized the culmination of their school years, as well as her filial love for Mary.

The main day not only brought together the students, but also their parents, teachers and sodalits. Together, they shared a day full of faith, devotion and community.

Voices of Santa María

“The Marian procession is a very important activity at Colegio Saint Mary,” shares Deacon Bernardo Marulanda, “since it is a moment in which students, teachers and school families can express our devotion and affection to Saint Mary.”

“Making a tribute to María, who always accompanies us, is an honor for our school. It is especially significant for the students of the class, who prepare hard from the beginning of the year to make this event perfect.”

“The experience of the procession strengthens the students’ love for Saint Mary and leaves a mark on the lives of all participants. As a sodalit, it is a joy to see the love and devotion that the students put into preparing the procession. Listening to the songs to Mary in the classrooms during May is moving and motivating.”

The tutor Noelia Espinoza, for her part, shared her experience: “I accompanied the 11°B students, promoting and motivating them to respond with love and respect in this tribute to the Virgin Mary. They, along with the boys, organized the dance, participation in the Mass and the making of part of the carpet.”

“The result was an emotional moment that I am sure they will not forget.” I thank the community and the parents who were also involved in the entire process.”