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SEM Peru launches solidarity campaign in favor of grandparents

Solidarity in March (SEM) Peru has launched a sponsorship campaign to provide a better quality of life for the abandoned grandparents that it cares for in its two solidarity homes, San Vicente de Paul (in Arequipa) and San Lucas (in Callao).

This sponsorship campaign seeks to ensure that dignified and quality care can be offered to our grandparents in both homes for one year.  To this end, the Parque del Recuerdo and Parque de la Esperanza cemeteries have committed to doubling the donations received through the godparents.

The grandparents who reside in the Solidarity in March homes have no family and have been found abandoned. The comprehensive care they receive is therefore paid for through donations and each sun makes a difference.

Through the new platform that Solidarity in March has designed, you can fill out a simple form and be contacted by a member of the SEM team to make your donation effective. For more information you can click here.

The “San Vicente de Paul” Home located in Arequipa and the “San Lucas” Home located in Callao, are spaces where Solidarity in March Peru fully assists and accompanies grandparents in a complete state of abandonment, offering them dignified living conditions.