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Sodalit priests meet in Colombia

From Tuesday, July 11th to Saturday, July 15th, the Meeting of Priests of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae took place in the cozy Villa de Sales, owned by the Salesians, located in Copacabana, Colombia. Under the motto “I will give you shepherds according to my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and prudence”, (Jer 3,15), 36 of our brothers, two of them deacons on their way to the priesthood, participated in this enriching experience.

Our brother priests together with José David Correa and José Alfredo.

Our brother priests together with José David Correa and José Alfredo.

The event, organized by the Department of Spirituality of the Sodalitium, in charge of F. Marcello Carrillo, had as main purpose to share moments of community prayer, focused mainly on the concelebration of the Eucharist and the recitation of the Liturgy of the hours, as well as spaces for reflection, dialogue and training.

The Superior General, José David Correa, also participated in the Meeting, who shared some reflections on the life and mission of the Sodalitium, as well as the ministry of Sodalit priests.

During these days, there were formative moments, where Sodalit José Alfredo Cabrera presented the topic of ongoing formation in the Sodalicio, while F. Ángel Pérez, Vicar for Clergy of the Archdiocese of Denver, offered reflections on the priest as a man of the charity.

F. Ángel sharing one of his reflections.

F. Ángel sharing one of his reflections.

Testimonials of priests: “There was an atmosphere of trust, fraternity and hope”

Father Carlos Zamalloa, who has been a priest for just over seven months, highlighted the importance of meeting God in the Eucharist and the prayer shared with his brother priests. In addition, he shared with us that F. Ángel’s reflections inspired him to question himself on how to be a good priest.

“It was very testimonial for me to see the different generations sharing our vocation together. An atmosphere of trust, fraternity and hope was breathed when seeing how the Lord is giving shepherds to his harvest and invites us to guard the treasure of our vocation and service in clay vessels and thus experience how his Grace is enough for us, because in our smallness and fragility manifests its strength”, he added.

On the other hand, F. Luis Troya shared that the experience of meeting and communion was what most renewed him, “communion that was centered on the Eucharist and the liturgy. That helped me a lot so that the background invitation of the training space could have more acceptance in me; invitation to grow in charity having God as First Love”, he said.

From shared prayer to valuable conferences, this Meeting has been a space for spiritual growth and renewal, as well as community reflection that we hope will encourage the work of our brother priests according to the heart of God in their respective communities and apostolic missions. Let’s pray for the fruits!