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Sodalitium has Apostolic Visitor since April

Lima 10/26/15: In a letter to all members of the Sodalitium, the General Superior Alessandro Moroni, reported that there is an Apostolic Visitor named since April and is visiting the communities of the Sodalitium since August.


Bishop Fortunato Pablo Urcey, OAR, Bishop of Chota

Dear brothers:

In the recent superiors and priests meeting, I told the Sodalits present that there is an investigation underway by the Holy See, the results of which we expect in the next few months.

Amidst the difficult situation we are living, I asked for authorization to make this investigation public, which includes an apostolic visit of our communities in Peru.

The investigation began in August of this year and is being led by Bishop Fortunato Pablo Urcey, OAR, Bishop of Chota. He was named by the Pontifical Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life with the task “of apostolic visitor ad inquirendum et referendum” (“to be studied and referred”). Msgr. Rodriguez Carballo communicated to us that he took this measure in continuance with the measures he had already been underway in coordination with the authorities of the Sodalitium.

The visit continues and should finish in March, 2016, motivated by the accusations the Holy See has received against Luis Fernando Figari. When this measure was communicated to us, the Holy See asked us confidentiality so that the Holy See could do its work peacefully and without pressure from the news media. Today, given the current circumstances, it seems important to me that all of you are up to date and have the freedom to make it known to the people you deem prudent.

In communion of prayers,