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Sodalitium initial training team receives training on Christian freedom and abuse of conscience

Seven members of the Sodalitium Christanae Vitae participated in an online session on August 31st with Father Samuel Fernández, a member of CUIDA, the Abuse and Early Adversity Research Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, in which He delved into: “Christian freedom and abuse of conscience”.

Capacitación online del P. Samuel

Capture of the training with F. Samuel.

It is important to know that the formative process of a sodalit is divided into two stages: initial formation, which ranges from the discernment of the vocation as an aspirant until the sodalite makes his perpetual commitments of full apostolic availability, and ongoing formation, which involves a constant training for the apostolate for the Sodalits of perpetual commitments.

The formators and stage coordinators who make up the initial formation team of our community met with Father Samuel, which includes our brothers Javier de la Flor, Father Christian Vinces, Father Héctor Velarde, Martín Ugarteche, Mijailo Bokan and Juan Carlos Tuppia, General Instruction Assistant. And Daniel Calderón, in charge of Safe Environments, also participated in this meeting.

A fundamental topic for training

About this training space, our brother Juan Carlos, shared: “I find it central to formation, the custody of the conscience of the brothers, of their inner freedom, of free, mature, conscious processes”.

“In the context of the problems that have happened in the Church in general and in our community, in particular. “It has been a very valuable space, very useful, with a lot of exchange of ideas and enrichment”, he said.

For his part, Father Christian Vinces commented that this session allowed them to share a deep reflection on the nature of spiritual abuse, its consequences and implications for Church structures. “I believe that it is a fundamental issue so that we can accompany the formation of the brothers, always guarding their inner freedom and healthy discernment”.

If you want to know more about the topic, you can read: “Towards a definition of abuse of conscience in the Catholic sphere”, work by Father Samuel, shared on the website of the Abuse and Early Adversity Research Center.