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Sodalits complete the period of preparation towards their Commitments of Full Apostolic Availability

Our brothers Alejandro Molina, Johan Chon, Michael Gokie, Piero Gamarra and Rodolfo Luna finished their “Integration Time” on February 15th, 2024. Martín Ugarteche, responsible for this training proposal, tells us more details about this experience.


What is the “Integration Time” in Sodalitium?

These months of formation were implemented in our community in 2021, and it is a period of lifelong integration, in which the Sodalits prepare for definitive incorporation into the Sodalitium of Christian Life and lasts seven months.

The word integration refers to the various aspects or dimensions that make up human life, as well as its various stages of development. It is a diversity that finds its unity in the heart of each person, in the yes that they pronounce, with all their humanity and their history, to the Plan of God. The Time of Integration seeks to accompany each participant in their definitive response to the vocation to full apostolic availability in the Sodalitium of Christian Life,” explains Martín.

It is a time “of great responsibility, and of a delicate service provided to the Church and the Sodalitium, to accompany my brothers on their vocational path,” he shares.

Our brothers in the Monastery of San Benito.

Our brothers in the Monastery of San Benito.

He also told us about his experience: “It is a constant gratitude to the Lord of the harvest, who continues to send workers , and I am amazed to see his action in the lives of each one of them. I believe that my work is reduced to always trying, through constant prayer, listening and reverence, to put myself in tune and in line with that action.”

What activities do our brothers do?

The Integration Time is made up of a series of training actions. “The main ones are the long moments of prayer and personal reflection, for which everything else is understood as a valuable input,” says Martín.

Furthermore, “the participants are accompanied by the responsible trainer in the biweekly vocational accompaniment dialogues. They also have weekly spaces to share what they are praying and discovering, letting themselves be illuminated by the experience of others.”

Another very important activity is the month of Ignatian spiritual exercises led by Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda, SJ., pontifical delegate for the formation of the Sodalitium. Also of particular importance are the courses at the Pontifical Gregorian University: “Mission in the Old and New Testaments”, taught by Professor Rosalba Manes, and “The subject of the Spiritual Exercises, practice and pastoral adaptation”, by Professor P. Jaime Emilio González Magaña.

On the other hand, they received workshops on “Apostolic Discernment” and “Integration of affectivity” by Sodalites Carlos Muñoz, General Assistant of the Sodalitium Apostolate and Humberto Del Castillo Drago, psychologist and director of the Areté Center, respectively.

Regarding the internal courses, Martín mentioned two: “Towards the sources of the vocation to full apostolic availability”, directed by Juan Carlos Tuppia, General Assistant of Instruction of the Sodalicio and “Guided reading”, led by Martín.

In addition, Marian Days were held, led by Benjamin Oldani, and pilgrimages to Marian sanctuaries and churches with relics of the holy apostles.

Martín shared that in this last group “religious pilgrimages have had a very special place, following in the footsteps of great saints, especially the Virgin Mary and the Apostles, whose experience of faith has always been very close to the members of the Sodalicio.”

He also described the profound experience of two special moments: “The visit to the scavi of St. Peter’s Basilica, in which we were able to pray before the remains of the Apostle Saint Peter, asking him for our fidelity to our apostolic vocation.”

And the visit to the Holy House of Loreto. “Where we were able to ask the Virgin Mary for her maternal company, seeking to join her Yes to the announcement of the Angel, in the very place in which the Word became flesh.”

Rodolfo Luna: “I have experienced the love of God and the company of Mary who are always with us”

Our brothers with Cardinal Ghirlanda in the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls.

Our brothers with Cardinal Ghirlanda in the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls.

One of the participants in this group has been Rodolfo Luna, who shares with us: “The Integration Time has been a personal and community experience of encounter with God. A time to return to the essentials of my vocation, which is the personal call of the Lord Jesus to be with Him and announce Him to other people.”

“There have been many experiences such as prayer, study, reflection, pilgrimages to different Marian shrines and places where many saints were born, lived and died, spaces for community sharing, and being at the center of the Church with Peter”.

“Through all these experiences I was preparing myself for a greater commitment to the Lord. “It has been a time in which I have experienced the love and providence of God and the company of Mary who are always with us.”

Finally, this experience included a conclusion day and evaluation of the integration time, led by Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda, SJ.