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The Solidarity Action Foundation provided hope and support to communities affected by floods in Ecuador

In the midst of the floods that hit various regions of Ecuador, leaving in their wake devastating losses in crops and ways of making a living in the first months of the year, the Solidarity Action Foundation (SAF) extended its assistance to those most in need in the midst of this adversity.

Valeria Ortiz, from the Culture department of SAF, shared the details behind this noble initiative. “The main reason behind delivering aid to these specific communities was the devastation caused by the floods, which left many families without rice crops and income, as well as isolated due to the lack of adequate means of transportation.”

The selection of beneficiary communities and the support provided on the road to Daule was carried out through direct visits to the area, where members of the foundation met with community leaders. These leaders were asked to identify the most vulnerable families, such as the elderly, sick, disabled, and single mothers.

Delivery of food baskets

The Solidarity Action Foundation carried out a tour of various communities on Thursday, March 28th, delivering food baskets containing essential items such as oil, sugar, lentils, among others.

As Valeria shared with us, a total of 144 families were directly benefited by these actions , who “have received the support provided with gratitude and hope. However, community leaders expressed a desire to be able to help more people, highlighting the need for greater attention in areas not yet reached.”

The expected impact of this aid, both in the short and long term, is significant. It is hoped that the provisions provided will help alleviate the economic burden of these families and strengthen the ties between the communities and the Solidarity Action Foundation.

Looking to the future, SAF aims to continue its charitable work, with plans to make more visits to needy communities and strengthen evangelization through its volunteer group.

About SAF:

The Solidarity Action Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on the comprehensive development of disadvantaged people and communities. Made up of professionals and volunteers, it implements programs ranging from community development to training in technical trades, with the aim of promoting a dignified life and empowering communities to be agents of their own progress.