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Solidarity in the streets of Lima: The work of “Bread for my Brother”

In some sectors of the La Molina and Jesus Mary districts of Lima, the impact of Pan for my Brother goes beyond the provision of material bread. For its beneficiaries, the fundamental value is found in meditation on the Gospel, catechesis and friendship with volunteers. Learn more about this solidarity service of the MVC Lima.

Volunteers of Jesus Mary (Lima)

Volunteers of Jesus Mary (Lima)

A deep encounter in the streets

One of the beneficiaries named Flor, who expressed her deep gratitude to the volunteers of Pan for my Brother, told them on one occasion that thanks to their message, she has strengthened her connection with her Catholic faith, has deepened her relationship with God and the Virgin, and has found comfort in remembering biblical passages shared during reflections, especially amid the critical challenges of the pandemic.

Bread for my Brother is an apostolic solidarity project and volunteering of the Christian Life Movement that has become a beacon of hope for those who live many hours on the streets, facing daily adversity.

About this project, we spoke with Luis Enrique Figueroa, current person in charge of this initiative.

Receiving to give: preparations for going out into the streets

How do you organize yourself before taking to the streets? Luis Enrique tells us: “Prior to the start of each Pan for my Brother outing, the preparation of the selected dinner is coordinated with the donations received.”

Voluntarios de Pan para mi Hermano - La Molina (Lima) rezando en una Capilla.

“Once gathered, we immerse ourselves in a significant moment of prayer and encounter with the Lord in front of the Blessed Sacrament. This moment is accompanied by a meditation based on the gospel of the Sunday of that week.”

“Later, we gather in a room to share our reflections and select specific ideas and messages to share with the beneficiaries we will meet during the outing.”

“Our Bread for my Brother outings are designed in a flexible and purposeful way, open to creative initiatives and approaches. However, the most essential component of these outings is the encounter with Christ through his Word.”

“In the encounter with the other I discover a particular calling”

Luis Enrique, who has known Bread for my brother since 2013, shares with us his experience directing this volunteering: “It is in the encounter with the other, in the service and the announcement of the Good News where I discover a particular calling from the Lord Jesus, inviting me to follow him fully. “I continue to discover gifts and abilities, which are his gifts, and this motivates me to develop them and put them into practice.”

Bread for my Brother volunteers – La Molina (Lima)

Bread for my Brother volunteers – La Molina (Lima).

On the other hand, he tells us that the complexities in the administration of the project, the direction of groups of volunteers and the improvement of processes, activities and tasks in the structure of the outings, have been a constant learning challenge through many essays.

“All these challenges and learnings have taught me how much need there is to get to work and get out of our comforts and start building, with small acts, gestures, grains of sand, a real change in our society, in our communities, in our culture.”

A year of growth

“In 2023, we have generated a palpable positive impact in our community, especially among the young people and families of the Christian Life Movement who have joined the Bread for my Brother service,” shares Luis Enrique.

Volunteers of Bread for my Brother – Jesus Mary (Lima).

Volunteers of Bread for my Brother – Jesus Mary (Lima).

And then, he told us that they closed last year with two fully operational teams in the districts of La Molina and Jesus Mary. “Our aspiration is to continue expanding this work and reach new points and districts in the city, thus extending our positive and supportive impact,” he said.

How to participate or collaborate?

Finally, for those who wish to join this noble cause, you can do so by contacting them on Instagram: @peru_ppmh, where they share updates and details about all their activities. You can also contact them directly through WhatsApp.

Bread for my Brother volunteers – La Molina (Lima).

Bread for my Brother volunteers – La Molina (Lima).

On this solidarity journey, any donation, whether financial or non-perishable food (canned and/or bagged), will be received with gratitude and will significantly contribute to the mission of Bread for my Brother.