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Join Solidarity in Motion Peru’s invitation to sponsor abandoned grandparents

Within the framework of Lent, our brother Father Marcio Paulo de Souza, Chaplain of Solidarity in Motion Peru (SEM), shares with us, in a moving message, a reflection on the importance of this special time and its connection with the experience of the charity.

Lent, as Father Marcio reminds us, is a call “for us, from our personal and spiritual life, as a community, to return to the Lord; this is conversion.” A few days ago in the readings of the Liturgy of the Word we heard the prophet exhorting us: “Return, convert to the Lord.”

According to Father Marcio, charity is manifested in various ways, but “a very concrete one is loving, serving and respecting our neighbors, because in them, in the brother and sister, we find Jesus.”

A very concrete way to live charity: Sponsor a grandparent!

The SEM Peru Chaplain makes a direct call to action by sharing a concrete way to return to the Lord in these weeks: “sponsoring one of our grandparents.” Father Marcio points out the importance of directing our help towards the San Lucas homes in Callao and San Vicente de Paul in Arequipa.

He also highlights that “many grandparents need our help, our charity, our attitude of solidarity and our prayer, of course. ” But if we sponsor one of them, we have a very concrete, very palpable way of living charity during this time of Lent.”

What does Sponsorship consist of?

This is a Solidarity in Motion Peru program aimed at providing a more dignified life to the grandparents rescued from the streets who live in the San Vicente de Paúl and San Lucas Homes. By becoming a sponsor, you will directly contribute to improving their quality of life and provide the necessary support to meet their needs for a period of 1 year.

Thanks to the donations collected in 2023 through this program, the annual budget of both households was increased by 30%, according to data from SEM Peru. This increase has made it possible to guarantee a balanced diet for the grandparents, provide effective medical treatments, hire caregivers and carry out improvements in infrastructure, thus comprehensively benefiting those who reside in these homes.

Find all the information you need by entering this link. A WhatsApp number has also been made available to make donations: You can write here.