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Young SOMAR beneficiaries present a cultural show in São Paulo

As a conclusion to its work carried out throughout the year, the Solidarity Association in March in Brazil (SOMAR) held a new edition of the well-known ‘Cultural Showcase’ that publicizes the advances and benefits in the learning and training of children, the last October 9th at the facilities of the UniÍtalo University.

The event was sponsored by the different companies that support SOMAR and developed by the educator Rithelle Figueiredo, Producer of the event. She, together with social educators and volunteers, participated in the choice and development of the chosen theme that was ‘LANGUAGE’ from its origin to the present day.

This sample was presented with various artistic presentations, among which dance numbers, singing, acting, karate and more stood out.  The theme is chosen from the beginning of the year and is worked on in classes and workshops during all this time;  this means that they have a transversal and multidisciplinary theme and a means of final evaluation with the presentation of the Cultural Showcase.

“The SOMAR Cultural Showcase is one of the most important events for our organization”, tells us our brother Andrés Quintanilla, Director of SOMAR, who emphasizes that this event “is the presentation of the conclusion of the work carried out throughout the year for their parents, guardians and relatives. It is for SOMAR a quantitative and qualitative indicator of how our work with children and young people is. As well as verifying how our solidarity service is going with the people most in need”.

Julianne Muniz, General Manager of SOMAR, tells us that “after almost two years of the pandemic, it is very gratifying for us to have all the children here on stage because it is a dream for them to be able to experience this”.

Rithelle Figueiredo, Producer of the Cultural Exhibition, highlights that “the process we had for this cultural exhibition was incredible.  The commitment of each student, individually and collectively, was really something very exciting, because all the children have developed in an amazing way”.

SOMAR is a non-profit association present in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Petropolis that seeks to effectively contribute to the development of people at work centered on the human person and the family, with a sustained commitment to solidarity inspired by social teaching catholic.