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Solidarity in March Brazil receives international management certification

As a result of its commitment to those most in need, the Solidarity in March Association in  Brazil (SOMAR) recently received the ‘Phomenta’ Management Certification from the International Committee on Fundraising Organizations (ICFO).

For this reason, we spoke with Andrés Quintanilla, Director of SOMAR, who tells us more about the importance of this certification for the association.

Andrés Quintanilla, Director of SOMAR

Andrés Quintanilla, Director of SOMAR.

What is the ‘Phomenta’ Management Certification?

It is an international certification of good management practices and transparency for social organizations granted by the ICFO. For this certificate we were evaluated for good practices in 5 pillars:

  1. Legal: Involves points related to regularity and documents for compliance with legislation and risk prevention.
  2. Financial: in which the financial indicators, income diversification and budget and fundraising plans were evaluated.
  3. Management and Governance: Planning, execution, monitoring and control factors of the SOMAR areas, the guidelines and rules that help you in decision making.
  4. Potential Impact: Elements related to the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the results and impacts of SOMAR.
  5. Communication and Transparency: Aspects related to how SOMAR communicates with the external public, disseminates and gives visibility to documents and information.

How did they work to achieve the 5 pillars in which they were evaluated?

The way we worked on these 5 pillars was by organizing the materials, documents and reports that each pillar required. For us it was something very positive because many things were asked of us and SOMAR had them a few years ago.

What does it mean for SOMAR to achieve this certification?

It means a step of maturity, on the one hand in the management and transparency of our work; on the other hand, to show our beneficiaries, supporters, companies, and the government that SOMAR seeks excellence in work to serve those most in need.

What expectations do you have for the future now that you have achieved this certification?

We hope to be able to obtain more strategic alliances and have a parameter of good practices to be able to qualify the attention and service for our beneficiaries. Having national or international certifications helps a lot so that management and transparency are pillars of our social and evangelizing work for those most in need.

'Phomenta' Management Certification.

Phomenta’ Management Certification.

SOMAR is a non-profit association present in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Petrópolis that seeks to effectively contribute to the development of people at work centered on the human person and the family, with a sustained commitment to solidarity inspired by social teaching catholic. On August 15th, it celebrated 14 years of presence in Brazil.