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The Southern Institute celebrates its licensing granted by Minedu

We celebrate together with the entire community of the Southern Institute (ISUR) of the city of Arequipa, the news of having obtained the license granted by the Ministry of Education of Peru (Minedu). In this note you will learn what this step means and the benefits for this educational community.

Licensing validates 35 years of experience

María Teresa Campos, director of ISUR, explains that “in the case of the Southern Institute given that it already has 35 years of experience, this licensing does not authorize its operation but rather validates it based on current regulations.”

“Institutional licensing is the procedure that aims to verify compliance with the basic quality conditions (CBC) of technological higher education institutes and schools, as well as their study programs, local and subsidiaries, to obtain the license that authorizes its operation.”

Distance education for all of Peru

The revalidation of the ISUR training model, as highlighted by María Teresa Campos, means “guaranteeing a quality academic offer that allows our graduates better access to the labor market.”

Secondly, this accreditation opens the door to new opportunities. María Teresa shares with us that it involves “exploring new areas of technical professional training.” The most notable thing is that this growth is not limited to Arequipa; ISUR now has the capacity to offer distance education to all of Peru.

ISUR’s journey towards its licensing

In August 2022, the Higher Institute of Education in Peru obtained the necessary boost to begin the arduous path towards its licensing, with the publication of the Basic Quality Conditions for higher education institutes and schools.

This milestone marked the starting point for the ISUR, whose file was meticulously prepared and presented on February 17th, 2023. After dedicated work, the Instituto del Sur celebrates February 16th, 2024, the date on which the license was granted that certifies the quality and excellence of the institution.

Benefits for the ISUR community

According to María Teresa, licensing guarantees “the minimum essential to offer the educational service.” Beyond formality, she maintains that it translates into “ensuring the suitability of our programs,” providing students with relevant training for the labor market and thus fulfilling the ISUR mission. For employees, it means “improving and growing professionally” with the expansion of educational offerings.

Gratitude experience

The ISUR director expressed her deep gratitude to God, recognizing that “this licensing process has been experienced from a deep trust in God, since this institution has been his since its conception.” She also thanked the promotion for their continued support and trust in the leadership team.

María Teresa gave special recognition to the team responsible for the process, as well as to all other teams, area directors, directors of Academic Units, heads, and the entire administrative community of the Institute, who directly or indirectly contributed to the licensing.

New challenges for ISUR

Finally, María Teresa shared that they will begin to explore “new study programs that allow us to satisfy, from our human training model, the demands of professionals.”

The Instituto del Sur belongs to an educational network that brings together universities, institutes and colleges; and that are backed by more than 35 years of experience. And it is also part of the Association of Higher Technological Institutes and Higher Schools of Peru – ASISTE Perú. It has an educational model inspired by the Sodalite charisma; It focuses on the comprehensive training of the student, in which attention is sought to the person but with a high level of professionalization.