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Spiritual Exercises: Community, God’s love and the mystery of the call

Praying together in community, perceiving in silence the details of God’s love, finding oneself touched by the experience of the brothers and meditating on the mystery of the call are some experiences of our brothers in the Spiritual Exercises of Medellin (Colombia), Arequipa (Peru). ) and Santiago de Chile, during the last weeks.

Brothers of the community of Santiago de Chile.

Brothers of the community of Santiago de Chile.

The Spiritual Exercises (EE.EE) are days in which a Sodalit lives an intense spiritual experience, with moments of community prayer and time to pray, meditate and reflect personally. Our brothers participate in the daily Eucharist and the encounter with the Lord before the Most Holy.

These days before God leave deep marks on the brothers who receive the EE.EE as well as on those who have the mission of directing them. As told by Juan Carlos Tuppia, who directed, together with F. Christian Vinces, the EE.EE of Santiago de Chile: “Accompanying the brothers has been very beautiful, seeing the work of God in them, in his prayer. I have been very edified by his testimony of desire to grow in his life of faith, to renew his vocation”.

For his part, Father Rafael Ismodes, who was in charge of the exercises carried out in Medellín and Arequipa, told us: “For me it has been very beautiful and very edifying to see the depth of the gift of reconciliation, to see the brothers who are converting and are loving the Lord more and are also renewed in their experience”.

Community that prays together

Reflecting on how these days of spiritual experience contribute to the life of each of the Sodalit brothers, Francisco Aninat told us: “It is very significant to do spiritual exercises with your apostolic community”.

“I believe that a community that prays together, that we are all praying the same quotes, the same passages, for several days, unites you; even though you are silent, it is a very special way, from which unity in the apostolate and community life later springs up”, he added.

A gift at Christmas

The spiritual exercises in which brothers from the community of Santiago de Chile participated were held at Christmas time, from December 28th to January 3rd at the Benedictine Monastery of the Holy Trinity.

Living those days in an atmosphere of much prayer and silence has moved more than one person. For our brother Mijailo Bokan, for example: “it has been a gift for all that the meditations meant in the midst of the mystery of the Incarnation and the birth of the Lord”.

“Meditating on the call of the Lord to each one, reflected in the mysteries of the childhood of Jesus, was very positive, contemplating that love of God that is incarnated and that makes us participate in his filiation and his reconciling sending”.

Mijailo also told us that sharing the liturgy of the hours and the Eucharist with the Benedictines helped him a lot.

The reconciliation

About his experience in the EE.EE held from January 10 to 14 in the “Nuestra Señora de Chapi” community of Arequipa, our brother Julio Muriel told us:

“One of the things that helped me value reconciliation in my life has been meditating through Sacred Scripture, how God is always willing to get closer to me through his mercy and forgiveness, and invites me to this closeness and goodness of God can share it with other people”.

Brothers of the community of Arequipa (Peru).

Brothers of the community of Arequipa (Peru).

From Colombia, Deacon Diego Cano shares that “reconciliation is not an abstract matter nor is it something to reason about, but rather it is the encounter with a person, it is the encounter with Jesus”.

Our brother Diego participated in the EE.EE carried out one hour from the city of Medellin (Colombia) in the La Cabaña Novitiate and spiritual center “Esclavas de Cristo Rey” from January 2nd to 8th.