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Spiritual exercises in Costa Rica on the faith of Saint Mary

Seeking to deepen the example and life of Saint Mary, our brothers from the community of Our Lady of the Angels, in San José (Costa Rica) and F. Carlos Keen, participated in the annual spiritual exercises during the days of the 25th to the 29th of July at the Juan XXIII retreat house of the local archdiocese.

These exercises were directed by our brother F. Rafael Ismodes and had as their theme the Pilgrimage of Faith of Saint Mary, which helped them see, through the different passages of Scripture that refer to our Mother Mary, how She was being educated by God and how her faith matured through joy and pain throughout her life.

During these days they had talks, moments of meditation, personal prayer and the celebration of the Holy Mass.

Deacon Kenneth Pierce tells us that “the retreat was a very intense spiritual experience. It made me see how important Santa Maria’s presence is in my life and in the community. She is not like a mother, but she is really my Mother. At the same time, I was struck by many things in her life, in her way of acting that she wanted to imitate, and above all, in how she also went through a progressive path of growth in faith. It was also a very encouraging experience because all the members of the Sodalit community in Costa Rica were able to be there, and I think that gives us a lot of unity in the spiritual experience and in the mission of this community”.

“This retreat has been an experience that I think I needed a lot in my life, because it helped me to renew my Marian filial love”, says F. Juan José Paniagua, who also adds that this space for prayer and meditation “helped me see Mary not only as a Mother, but also as a disciple, who had to walk a path of faith, who had to make difficult discernments, who did not have everything under control. She knew that God was calling her, but she did not know what the path was going to be. Who knew how to carry joy and pain with faith and hope. It helped me a lot to see her as a very close model for me, that I am also a disciple and I need someone who has already traveled the path before me and knew how to do it with love and with trust in God, be an example for me on the way”.