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Takillakkta: 40 years of music and evangelization


Takillakkta, “Song of the People”, celebrates four decades of sharing the joy of Christian life through its melodies. Luis Alfonso Sánchez, member of the Sodalitium and musician of the group, shares his experiences in the service of evangelization through music. Additionally, Diego Chui, director of Takillakkta, reveals details about his latest production, “Pilgrims of Faith”, and the projects that will mark the beginning of his fifth decade.

As part of the celebration, in an act of gratitude for all the blessings received, the members of Takillakkta gathered in the Chapel of the “Santa María de la Evangelización” Pastoral Center, in Lima, last Wednesday, October 11th, raising their voices and hearts to God by participating in the Holy Mass, which was celebrated by Father Juan Pablo Rosado.

Takillakkta at the Mass for his 40th birthday.

Takillakkta at the Mass for his 40th birthday.

Luis Alfonso Sánchez: “With their songs, with their lyrics I have been evangelized”.

“I have been part of Takilakkta since 2019. During this time I have discovered that the gifts that the Lord has given me and are related to music and art, I have been able to deploy them at the service of evangelization. I also discover that in music I can express many things from within me, things that perhaps cannot be expressed in words. In this sense, music for me is a very important instrument to express what I believe, feel, experience and think”.

Luis Alfonso Sánchez at a Takillakkta concert.

Luis Alfonso Sánchez at a Takillakkta concert.

“So Takillakkta for me means seeking to serve the evangelization of Peru in community. Also a family, a group of brothers who live with the same ideal of evangelizing people through music, culture. It is truly very nice to be able to share my gifts, edify myself from the testimony of those who participate in Takillakkta and see how we transmit Jesus through singing, this is very questioning for me”.

“On the other hand, it is part of my vocation of full availability to be able to serve Him with the gifts that God has given me and I believe that now I am doing it in a privileged way. Because Takillakkta is not only another group of the spiritual family, but the group that was present throughout my conversion process, which is why I have a lot of affection for it. With their songs, with their lyrics I have been evangelized and I discover this as a treasure that I also want to give to other people”.

“In the framework of 40 years I am very grateful for the gift of this group to the spiritual family and the entire Church”.

Diego Chui: “Takillakkta: music to sing and share”.

“The seven members of Takillakkta belong to the spiritual family, to the Christian Life Movement and we share Christian life through Andean, Peruvian and Latin American music. We are a group that, in these 40 years, has sought to transmit a clear and transparent message. Apart from its musical richness, Takillakkta is characterized by the lyrical content of its songs. A content that penetrates the heart of man, promotes a loving encounter with God and reconciliation with his brothers”.

Members of Takillakkta.

Members of Takillakkta.

New productions

“We recently finished recording the album Pilgrim of Faith, which has 12 songs. In this new album, we incorporate saxophone, a bowed string quintet and a children’s choir, maintaining the essence but exploring new musical horizons. In this production, the pandemic challenged us, but with God’s help, we completed the album in two years. Pilgrims of Faith” speaks of gratitude, reconciliation and love. It marks a milestone in our history with new arrangements, maintaining the essence of Takillakkta: music to sing and share”.

“Now we are working on the arrangements, compositions and rehearsals of songs that will be on a new Christmas and Advent album. In addition, we have the symphonic Andean Mass project, which will include new arrangements and a wide instrumental range”.

The forty years of Takillakkta

“In order to continue celebrating our 40th anniversary, we plan to hold concerts in many parishes in Lima and Callao, as well as presentations in different departments of Peru and later, resume international tours. After 40 years we also have to continue with this mission to which God calls us to carry his Word through music to all the continents of the world”.

“Throughout its 40 years, Takillakkta has maintained the musical style that was born from the folklore of the 80s. In a way, Takillakkta was inspired by many musical references of that time, and throughout these years we have been cementing our own style, which any follower of the group can identify, especially at concerts and in this acoustic format that we have always maintained”.

Takillakkta Digital Channels

To closely follow Takillakkta’s news and upcoming concerts on their 40th anniversary, you can follow them on their social networks: Instagram and Facebook.