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Teachers of the Santa María de Chincha School receive training on abuse prevention and safe environments

Last Thursday, February 16th, the clinical psychologist Rosario Pantoja gave training with criteria and tools to prevent, identify, communicate and raise awareness about the prevention of abuse and the formation of safe environments to 53 teachers from Santa María College.

Since March 2018, at the Sodalitium, we have had the permanent advice of Rosario Pantoja, a specialist in Prevention of Abuses and Safe Environments, who is a facilitator of the Virtus program and leads the constant training of all people who have contact with minors and vulnerable people. in the apostolic works that we have in Peru.

Commenting on the recent training in Chincha, Karina Antón Pacheco, in charge of Safe Environments at the School, pointed out that “it is important that teachers have the resources and know how to distinguish situations and places in which students are vulnerable”.

“We plan to carry out other training sessions with Rosario Pantoja. Because in the latter, many teachers expressed the desire to continue learning more about the subject”, adds Karina.

Regarding the training, Diego Armando Guerra, a 6th grade primary school teacher, shared that it has enriched him a lot: “it directs our gaze to the dangers that threaten our students and not only them, but also our children”.

On the other hand, Professor Ana Silva Conde, coordinator of the primary level, recounted her experience: “I feel happy to be able to learn about these issues, because they are very important. As teachers, we are always in contact with the students, generating links and these must take place in a healthy, cordial and respectful environment. We must bear in mind that children are vulnerable and that it is our responsibility to care for them and protect them from all danger”.

Rosario Pantoja highlighted that the reception and receptivity in the training that she has provided has been very good. “Interest, attention, questions, case presentation and testimonials are appreciated. It is an opportunity for them to express their concerns and doubts. In general, the participants manifest a frank and transparent communication”.

“It is very uplifting to see the commitment and responsibility shown by the people who participate in the trainings”, she added.

What topics are covered in these trainings?

Rosario Pantoja in training for teachers.

The psychologist herself explained that on that date they have received the following topics:

  • Knowledge of different signs that warn of possible abuse.
  • Types of abuse.
  • Appropriate environments.
  • Characteristics of the abusers.
  • Statistics on abuse.
  • Prevention of abuse through personnel selection.
  • Appropriate ways of relating to children.

Authorities from the Santa María College also participated in Rosario Pantoja’s training: Marlene Morón, director; Karina Anton, in charge of safe environments; Father Emilio Garreaud, chaplain; and Rosa Elena, in charge of activities.

The Santa María College is a Catholic educational community that proposes an integral, differentiated and free formation of the person to be a competent and committed leader in the search for the common good in society. This institution is part of the Sodalit Schools Network, which brings together the school education works of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae in Peru, Chile and Colombia.