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The moving testimony of María Lam at the diaconal ordination of her son Cankin

On May 1st, the Sodalitium celebrated with great joy the diaconal ordination of Cankin Ma. The ceremony took place on the feast of St. Joseph the Worker and was attended by family, friends and Sodalits. The Eucharist was presided over by Dom Joel Portella Amado, Bishop of Petrópolis in Brazil.

At this very significant moment, we would like to share a very special testimony, that of Mrs. Maria Lam, Cankin’s mother, who has moved us with her words full of love and gratitude:

“I am very blessed to have a servant of Christ in my family. My joy and excitement are endless. I will never stop thanking God for having set his eyes on Cankin to serve Him with love and ardent faith.”

“In the year 2000, his daddy was given 3 months to live. Cankin accompanied me to the Church of the Divine Child Jesus, we entered on our knees and prayed. And God was very good, he gave his daddy more than 20 years.”

“When I was in school, the math competitions were in Europe. I told Cankin: ‘There is no money,’ at 15 years old he told me: ‘Mommy, trust in God, he will provide.’ And so it was. I have witnessed your dedication to serving and guiding those in need.”

“Now, with that ardent love for God and as you receive the diaconate, may the Lord continue to be your guide and strength. May the Virgin Mary always cover you with her mantle. These are the wishes of your mother and my prayers forever.”

Words from new Deacon Cankin

For his part, our brother shared with us an excerpt of the final words he addressed to all those who participated in the diaconal Ordination Mass:

In one of the prayers of the Ordination Mass, we pray: confirm with your grace this ministry that we carry out . All of us who participated in the ordination, gathered as a Church with our bishop at the head, were touched and confirmed by the grace of God.”

“I want to emphasize this: God, the infinite communion of Love, is extremely generous. He never stops giving us His grace. Let us receive his gifts with joy. Today, in a particular way, through the ordination of a brother in the faith, but, in truth, through each person who in some way joins this saving action of God. Let yourself be touched by the Love and generosity of God who loves you so much!

And to the young people reading this : you are deciding the direction to take in your lives. Do not let fear steal the joy of serving and loving God. And if Christ calls you, as one day he called me, know that this call is a great gift for you and for everyone. Do not be afraid!”.

We join in thanking God for Deacon Cankin, and pray for the service that the Lord Jesus entrusts to him in our community.