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Free conference: The abuse of power in the Catholic Church from a psychological perspective

The Areté Catholic Psychology Center offers a free virtual conference that will comprehensively address the “Abuse of Power in the Catholic Church”, which is scheduled for Saturday, September 30th, and will be led by clinical psychologist Humberto Del Castillo Drago, director of Areté.

Conferencia de Humberto Del Castillo Drago: “Abuso de Poder en la Iglesia Católica”

The abuse of power or authority is a global problem, which has been addressed from different perspectives, due to its relationship with physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse. Furthermore, in the last 20 years, the great impact on different communities, parishes and members of the Catholic Church has been discovered.

It is in this context that our brother Humberto will address the topic, from the comprehensive perspective of the Areté Center, relating it to emotional and spiritual wounds, and even psychological trauma, as a consequence of different types of abuse.

As reported by Areté, the objective of the conference is to promote reconciliation, healing and healing of the wounds caused by the abuse of power in the Catholic Church. It seeks to transform negative consequences into a path of spiritual growth and psychological well-being, with a hopeful and confident outlook on God and oneself.

Conference details

This free event will take place via Zoom on Saturday, September 30th, from 9:00 to 11:00 am. (Colombia hour). Those interested must register in advance using the following form: Registration Link.

Areté Center

Areté is a center for integral development of the person created in 2012 in Medellin (Colombia) by our brother Humberto Del Castillo Drago. His objective is to promote a Catholic psychology that helps people live virtue from a reconciled and healthy existence.