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The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Reconciliation: 33 years of devotion

Since August 15th, 1990, the image of Our Lady of Reconciliation has traveled through many streets, first in Lima and then in other cities in Peru and other countries, inviting us to pilgrimage, with her, the path that her Son has given us. taught. This experience becomes a reality every year thanks to the members of the Brotherhood, who are celebrating their thirty-third anniversary of founding.

Go to Our Lady of Reconciliation.

Go to Our Lady of Reconciliation.

For this reason we wanted to talk with José Dávalos, current mayor of the Our Lady of Reconciliation Brotherhood of the city of Lima (Peru), who shared with us his experiences, experiences and reflections on the devotion to the Virgin Mary.

A journey of love and devotion

José transported us to his beginnings in the Brotherhood, remembering how his bond grew alongside his relationship with the Virgin. “Carrying the Virgin on her shoulders, bringing her closer to the people, making her dance and entering the temple, were experiences that still make my heart burn”.

“I think that the experience of every believer who joins the Brotherhood is to get closer to the Virgin, love her, imitate her, learn from her. Personally, what I try to live, as a member of the Brotherhood, is to improve my relationship with Saint Mary and the Lord Jesus and create facilities for more people to do so. It is our reason for existing: to spread devotion to the Virgin in her name of Our Lady of Reconciliation”.

José Dávalos, butler of the Brotherhood, with his wife.

José Dávalos, butler of the Brotherhood, with his wife.

As time went by, he tells us, he was offered to be part of the Brotherhood’s board of directors and since January of this year José began his mission as butler, a service of greatest authority within the Brotherhood.

The thirty-third anniversary

This month, the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Reconciliation celebrates its anniversary, and José revealed to us the joy that permeates this special occasion. After the interruption caused by the pandemic, the processions return with renewed enthusiasm. “We will take the Virgin through the streets again and that fills us with emotion, with joy”, he said.

“Our central activity is and will be the Procession every year. This year we wanted to invite faithful of the Church who do not belong to the Brotherhood to carry the Virgin’s litter on their shoulders in some section. We want to share that treasure so that She is the one who touches the hearts of parents from the First Communion Catechism and the Our Lady of Reconciliation School and other institutions that will carry sections of the processional route”, says José.

The activities for the Brotherhood begin on Saturday the 12th with the assembly of the litter that will carry our Mother, then on Tuesday the 15th there will be the admission of new brothers and on Thursday the 17th a tribute will be held at the School that bears her name, and the Holy Mass for the 33rd anniversary of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Reconciliation will be held on Tuesday, August 22nd as reported through the Brotherhood’s Facebook page.

Regarding the procession, this year it will have a single route that will take place next Saturday, August 19th. In the morning it will begin with the Holy Mass that will take place at 11:00 a.m. And in the afternoon, it will continue from 3:30 p.m. until approximately 10 at night when you will be arriving at the Our Lady of Reconciliation Parish. The map of the routes, along with the information with the details, can be seen here.

Don Walter Flores: A legacy of devotion

Don Walter Flores.

Don Walter Flores.

The legacy of the Brotherhood is marked by those who have left their mark on their path. José dedicated an emotional tribute to Walter Flores, former butler of the Brotherhood. “When she held positions of service as an authority in the Brotherhood she did so in an exemplary manner: orderly, generous in the donation of her time and other resources, always cheerful and optimistic”.

José related that he had to accompany him on the Brotherhood’s board of directors when Don Walter was butler during the difficult times of the spiritual family. “He never left room for pessimism; virile, strong, facing problems and leaving everything in the hands of God and the Virgin”, he said.

“When he died, less than a week ago, I was away from Lima, it hurt me a lot not to accompany him in the rites at the end of his pilgrimage. I have no doubt that Don Walter, God and the Mother have given each other a great hug and that he is already giving eternal glory to God and interceding for his natural family and for the supernatural family. He joins the list of former mayordomos who have gone to God with a reputation for a solid and coherent Christian life; If the members of the current board are half as dedicated as they are, the Brotherhood will be what God wants it to be”, José added.

A call to pilgrimage with Mary

During a procession of Our Lady of Reconciliation.

During a procession of Our Lady of Reconciliation.

The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Reconciliation invites all those interested to join its activities and experience devotion to the Virgin Mary. With the anniversary celebration, the doors open for the faithful to share in the procession and connect with the members of the Brotherhood.

In this sense, José encouraged those who wish to be part of this spiritual family to approach Our Lady of Reconciliation Parish and participate in this experience of faith.

Finally, he shared that when approaching the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Reconciliation “you will get to know a simple, joyful, fraternal Catholic institution that wants to make its members come closer to God through the Virgin”, and he said goodbye by exhorting: “Let us pray for each other!”

The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Reconciliation is an association of faithful gathered to honor Saint Mary, Mother of God and Mother of all men, in her dedication to Our Lady of Reconciliation, The Immaculate Sorrowful. Founded on August 15th, 1990, they participate in our spiritual family and collaborate with the Virgin in her apostolate, leading men and women to meet and reconcile with the Lord Jesus.