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The joy of being family: Christmas celebration of the CLM in Lima

“I am glad that my children feel that we have many friends who are like family, with whom they can share Mass and also rejoice together with the experience of simple and fun games”, Rosalí de Valverde, one of the emevecistas who participated in the event, told us. celebration last Saturday January 7th.

Courtesy MVC Lima

Courtesy CLM Lima.

Members of families from Nazareth, Betanias, Marian groups and Sodalits gathered in the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe community to close the time of solidarity apostolate carried out with the “Christmas is Jesus”, 2022 campaigns, celebrating the joy of being family, as they decided call the meeting

“Friendships that were forged in the apostolate”

Mili Santoyo, a member of the María Inmaculada Association (AMI), when telling us about her experience in said celebration, highlighted that it was beautiful to share again as a spiritual family:

“Understanding each other emevecistas was the important thing, I think it is the beginning of a new path, that we are still here and this still meets my expectations, it still meets what I want to live, this responds to my deepest desires to have a community again”.

Regarding the development of this celebration, Melissa Vasquez, in charge of communications for the CLM in Lima, explained that “the idea was to close Christmas time with a more inclusive, celebratory and sharing activity”.

Courtesy MVC Lima.

Courtesy MVC Lima.

“I thought it was very appropriate to frame it with a rosary at the beginning, before lunch, and the celebration of Holy Mass in the afternoon”, said our brother Rubén Arrunátegui, who also participated in the celebration.

“Meeting, talking, sharing experiences, playing and above all praying together, is always something that overwhelms the heart and makes me grateful to God for the blessing of being part of this small expression of his Church that is the CLM. In particular, I greatly value meeting again with friends that were forged in the apostolate and that today, due to the demands of life, we do not have many opportunities to see each other. It is nice to see, when we get together, the family atmosphere that is generated very naturally among all of us”, he added.

Courtesy MVC Lima.

Courtesy MVC Lima.

After the gymkhana, the emevecistas gathered in the chapel to participate in the Mass on the eve of the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, celebrated by our brother, F. Gilmer Cacho. And they ended the day with a fun dance.

“I liked that we do it in a place a little away from the city, with peace and tranquility. I liked the games and the dance”, shares Rossana Valverde (9).