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They celebrate 30 years of the Christian Life Movement in Huaral (Peru)

On Sunday, August 6th, members of the Christian Life Movement (MVC) in Huaral commemorated three decades of founding. The festivities included a Eucharist on the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, followed by a celebratory lunch.

MVC Huaral ladies group.

MVC Huaral ladies group.

María Castro Velásquez, responsible for the Betanias and Pilgrim Virgins in the town, expressed her joy for these years. “This celebration is a blessing that inspires us to continue walking alongside Saint Mary. It reflects the close presence of Jesus in our lives”, she shared enthusiastically.

MVC Huaral: Apostolic fruit of “Perú 93”

Another of the participants in the 30-year Mass of the MVC Huaral was Jesús Ossio, who, having been there since the beginning, shared with us that the foundation, in this city north of Lima, took place thanks to the apostolic mission of the MVC in 1993, for which it received the name “Peru 93”.

During the Anniversary Eucharist.

During the Anniversary Eucharist.

Remembering those moments, Jesús told us that “on Sunday, August 8th, 1993, the MVC Huaral was officially founded. This was preceded by the recitation of the rosary on Saturday the 7th and the reception of the Cross of the New Evangelization and paintings of the Immaculate Sorrowful Virgin and the face of Christ (by Hook). We participants committed to living and expanding the experience of training, dialogue and friendship over time”.

On the other hand, our brother Andrés Quintanilla, who currently lives in Brazil and went with the group of young people to found the MVC in Huaral, recalled those moments with great ardor. “It was a beautiful experience, a mission experience, of looking for people to invite to participate in the Movement. We made house visits among other activities. They were very beautiful experiences because many of us who were going to found were living a process of vocational discernment in which the community element was very interesting”.

30 years of experiences and commitments

Jesús Ossio shared that in the first years they progressively learned “to pray the rosary, to prepare the meditations and to sing the Emevecist songs”. He also remembers with great affection the encouragement of Monsignor Lorenzo León Alvarado (+2020), Bishop of Huacho (1967-2003), with a constant presence at the anniversary masses.

“Later, we received an 80 cm image of the Immaculate Conception. We met at the Santa Rosa de Lima school and strengthened our ties through group meetings. As we became involved in the life of the local Church, the MVC became an active part in various activities. Although we changed location several times, from a chapel in the abandoned huaquilla to the current chapel of San Antonio in the Sipán villa, our commitment endures”, says Jesús.

For her part, with 15 years in the MVC Huaral, Mrs. María Castro has a history of deep commitment to the movement. She approached the MVC when her son, at age 13 years old, attended a Christmas posada and began participating in the weekly rosaries. According to Ms. María, her son shared her experiences. She remembers how she “prepared sweets” to take to meetings, and through this bond, she was invited by other ladies to join the Betanias (perseverance group for ladies), where she gradually began to understand the experience of her son.

Mrs. María Castro offering a few words at the end of the Mass.

Mrs. María Castro offering a few words at the end of the Mass.

Mrs. Maria’s commitment to the movement took a step further when, on a visit from Father Marcio and Rosa Mattza, she was presented with the opportunity to spearhead the relaunch of the Pilgrim Virgin project. She remembers that moment with deep affection. With the delivery of 20 images of the Pilgrim Virgin, the MVC Huaral gained new momentum. Ms. María made the decision to “train” at the MVC Callao to assume this new role.

Over three decades, Mrs. María has valued and appreciated the support provided by the sodalites, priests and consecrated persons, along with the members of the MVC Callao.