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Training of instructors of Sodalitium aspirants takes place in Lima

The recent “Aspirant Instructor Training Meeting” was held from January 9th to 11th in the Our Lady of Guadalupe community in Lima. Our brother Javier de la Flor explained that the main objective of this meeting was to provide a platform to present the function manuals and training programs designed specifically for aspirants.


Firstly, time was dedicated to the presentation of the progress of the Ratio Formationis, (training itinerary during the various stages of Sodalit life) offering a vision of the stage of the aspirants and the essential foundations for initial training.

Then, a detailed reading and discussion was carried out on the Manual of Functions and Procedures, aimed at all instances that play a key role in the support and training of applicants, including authorities.

The Aspirant Training Program was also at the center of the work these days, with a full presentation, reading and discussion on its key elements.

Experiences of applicant instructors

Among the participants were our brothers Juan Carlos Tuppia, General Assistant for Instruction; Jorge Luna, Regional Superior of the Sodalitium in Peru; Renzo Pava, Regional Superior of Colombia; Raimundo Langevin, P. Óscar Tamayo, Rudolf Haid, Philip Couture, Thibault Vincent, Jorge Bombilla, Alejandro Ponce, Álvaro Díaz and Renzo Paccini.

Our brother Rudolf Haid shared his experience: “The meeting was a great opportunity to renew my commitment to the mission that the Lord entrusts to us as instructors of aspirants and to become fully aware of the immense blessing that represents each person that the Father calls to be part of our Sodalit community.”

For Father Óscar Tamayo “reviewing both the general framework of the Ratio formationis that is being worked on in the Sodalitium, as well as the specific details of the instruction of aspirants and contributing to the development of the materials was a very enriching experience.”

“Thanks to the work of several brothers we have spaces and tools to be trained and continue instructing the aspirants,” said Father Óscar.

The aspiration in the Sodalitium of Christian Life

In the context of the recent event, it is important to understand the “aspirant” stage in the Sodalitium. They last from 1 to 3 years and during this initial period, baptized and confirmed Catholics of legal age who perceive signs of a vocation to full apostolic availability begin a process of discernment in close collaboration with the Sodalit community.

It should be emphasized that becoming an aspirant does not imply immediate entry into Sodalit community life. Issuing the aspirant’s promise marks the beginning of a time of discernment. As they advance in this process, aspirants have the opportunity for a community experience, providing them with a conducive environment to mature their vocational discernment.