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Arequipa: They receive training on abuse prevention

76 workers from Sodalit schools and Solidarity Works in March in Arequipa participated in the Virtus 2023 training, held on March 6th and 7th, by Rosario Pantoja, permanent adviser on Safe Environments and Abuse Prevention for the Apostolic Works of the Sodalitium in Peru.

Rosario Pantoja in one of the trainings.

Rosario Pantoja in one of the trainings.

“Virtus is a set of programs designed to help organizations and individuals manage risk and protect vulnerable people and is primarily aimed at all those involved in religious institutions. These programs were created by the National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. of the United States in 1998”, explains Rosario in this interview.

The objective of the training has been to provide criteria and tools related to the prevention of abuse and safe environments to teachers and administrative staff of Sodalit schools, as well as volunteers and workers of Solidarity on the Move.

The schools participated: “Our Lady of Solidarity”, “Nueva Alborada” and “San Juan Apóstol“. As well as the solidarity nurseries and the Casa Hogar “San Vicente de Paul”.

Rosario explained to us that “the trainings are an opportunity for them to express interest, concerns and doubts; so that they manifest a frank and transparent communication with the goal of working on prevention from different levels”.

Meeting with school authorities.

Meeting with school authorities.

On the other hand, and as a testimony, she shared with us: “in each training, I learn and enrich myself; each meeting is gratifying, because we are forming networks to accompany, to prevent; It is very uplifting to see the commitment and responsibility shown by the people who participate in the training; This leads me to say that there is prevention work, that we are apostles of prevention”.

Our brother Víctor Ramos, director of Solidarity on the Move(SEM), shared with us that “training is very important for the teaching and administrative staff of SEM Peru schools because they provide clear criteria and processes for action in order to protect the dignity of each one of the students, children of God, who are in our care”.

5 participants share their experience in prevention training

Ycel Abril, director of the Nuestra Señora de la Solidaridad School, tells us: “it has helped me to pay a lot of attention to the care and prevention of the different cases of violence that could occur in the school, be it with students, with parents and with the personnel that works in the I.E”.

Training in Arequipa.

Training in Arequipa.

“One of the messages that seemed most striking to me is that any person (boy, girl, adult or older adult) can suffer from abuse or harassment. And with timely help we can avoid a misfortune or further damage”, says Ximena Xambi, nurse at the San Vicente de Paul Nursing Home.

For her part, Florangel Ramírez, a teacher at the San Juan Apóstol School, has shared with us that “these trainings reinforce the ideas of the protocols that we must comply with so that our children and young people can feel protected”.

Stephanie Cabrera, a psychologist at the Nuestra Señora de la Solidaridad School, shares with us: “This training has allowed me to have greater clarity on what it means for an environment to be safe, for adequate coexistence in the community”.

The impact of receiving these trainings “is in the positive results for good relationships, awareness and invitation to actively work in the construction of safe environments”, reflects Narda Márquez, nurse at San Juan Apóstol School.