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Two new priests in the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae!

On March 19th, the fourth Sunday of Lent, our brothers Óscar Tamayo and Diego Cano received their Holy Orders from the hands of Msgr. José Mauricio Vélez García, Auxiliary Bishop of Medellin, in the San José Parish (Medellin, Colombia).

F. Óscar, Msgr. José Mauricio Vélez García and F. Diego

F. Óscar, Msgr. José Mauricio Vélez García and F. Diego

They were accompanied by their family; Brothers from the Sodalit community of Colombia and Peru, among them was José David Correa, Superior General of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae; also friends and members of the Christian Life Movement.

“To the entire Sodalitium community: May God bless you and with the ordination of these two brothers of ours may God’s blessing allow them to bear good fruit with their mission and dedication, all for the glory of God,” said Msgr. José Mauricio at the beginning of the Eucharist.

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Preparing with Saint Joseph.

Talking with our brother priests we found these “coincidences”, when discovering a beautiful detail of God in the time of his preparation: the strong presence of the Patron Saint of the whole Church.

Father Diego tells us that he has a lot of love for Saint Joseph and during all the time he was preparing, he prayed a lot to him. “As a remote preparation I started 33 days before the 19th praying to San José. On the day of the ordination in the morning I got up, said the prayer and consecrated myself to him”.

“When we heard the news that our Priestly Ordination was going to take place on March 19th, the day of Saint Joseph, it was something very beautiful, very special because it is a date that I love very much”, Father Óscar Tamayo tells us, recalling that there had already been wanted that date for his commitments of full apostolic availability and later for his diaconate, but God had reserved the date for this moment and when he found out he told Saint Joseph: “you are going to be the patron of my priestly ministry, you are going to be that spiritual father who is going to form my heart as you did with the Lord Jesus”.

The “details of God” for F. Óscar.

As a detail, prior to the day of priestly ordination, F. Óscar tells us that he has also experienced a very communal preparation: “my brothers have always been there waiting, preparing the ceremony, preparing all the details, I had many manifestations of their closeness and of his love. And I think it has been a very beautiful experience to see that not only I was preparing myself but that the Sodalit community was also preparing that moment”.

F. Óscar greeting his mother.

F. Óscar greeting his mother.

There are two images that have been sealed in the memory of F. Óscar when speaking of his Priestly Ordination. “They are like the details of God that were present that day”, he tells us.

“The first was the moment of the litany, that prostration before God, that total surrender. It was a moment in which I perceived the presence of all the people who were expressing their love and prayers to me; the whole assembly where my family, my friends and my community were also praying for me”.

And another very moving image for him happened when his mother went up to the altar to deliver the vestments to clothe the new priest. “For me it was something very nice, very special to see her giving her son hers, the love of a mother that she has always been and that she has always accompanied me, at that moment she was present”.

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F. Diego: “Overtaken by grace”.

“Grace” is a word that is repeated a lot when listening to our brother Diego share about his experience on that very special day.

Óscar and Diego at the moment of prostration.

Óscar and Diego at the moment of prostration.

She told us that during the time of her preparation she had asked the Lord, the Virgin and Saint Joseph in her prayers: “that on that day I wanted the Lord to grant me a lot of interior peace, a lot of spiritual joy and to grant me freedom from the Children of God”.

And so it happened, as he tells us: “I experienced peace, authority, security, which I did not experience before and did not have, a very deep, very intense and very deep joy”.

“I experienced myself being overwhelmed by grace, I never thought it would be like this and well, I think that a “grace steamroller” happened to me. It was a very intense experience that is difficult to explain, I was very excited, shocked, I was moved, amazed and very happy inside, I felt a lot of peace”.

“It is a very strong experience of the action of grace in you that transforms you and grants you that sacramental grace that you can now act In persona Christi: Celebrate the sacraments, Christ will be able to forgive sins through you, you will be an instrument of Lord so that He can communicate the grace that He wants to communicate in a sacramental way”, recalls F. Diego.

Look at the photos of the first Mass of F. Diego Cano: Instagram and Facebook.

Do you experience the call to be a priest?

The new priests have shared some words for those experiencing this call.

“If the Lord calls you to be a priest, rest assured that this is the way to be fully happy and to unfold yourself in love. If you feel called by the Lord, if you feel looked upon with love by the Lord who chooses you with a love of predilection, then the way to be happy is to say yes”, says Father Diego.

Father Óscar shares that “it is a wonderful vocation, that it is a great grace to discover oneself called by God to be an instrument of his love, of his mercy. The experience of being an artisan of reconciliation is very beautiful, of being able to bring God’s forgiveness to so many places that need it”.

Finally, we share that Fr. Diego Cano has been assigned to serve in the Parish of Our Lady of Reconciliation in the city of Lima (Peru) while Fr. Óscar will continue in Medellín (Colombia) with his apostolic service now as a priest.

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