UCSP Law Department makes a statement about the Guide for Therapeutic Abortion

Arequipa, 09/01/14, (Sodalit News – Peru)The Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of Saint Paul (Universidad Catolica San Pablo – UCSP) emitted a strong statement about the approval for the National Technical Guide from the Ministry of Health (Guía Nacional Técnica del Ministerio de Salud), known as the “Guide for Therapeutic Abortion,” that puts innocent babies just 22 weeks old at risk.


The Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of Saint Paul has emitted an official statement about the Ministerial Resolution # 486-2014/MINSA that approves the “National Technical Guide for the standardization of the procedure of the Integral Attention for the pregnant woman in the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy less than 22 weeks by Therapeutic Indication with Informed Consent in the framework of article #119 of the Penal Code”.  The statement put out by the university makes clear the gravity of the attempt against the life of the unborn that this resolution brings to the table.

The Statement is divided into four points that cover juridical, medical, and moral aspects that seek to demonstrate the different unfortunate traits of this “Technical Guide”.  Thus, this document leaves a record that the “so-called ‘voluntary interruption of pregnancy’ is nothing else then an abortion, which is to say, the elimination in a direct way of a defenseless and innocent human being.

Likewise, the Faculty of Law of the UCSP reminded that “there doesn’t exist an abortion that can be strictly categorized as “therapeutic”, because it is impossible that an authentic therapy or treatment given to the pregnant mother would consist in granting death to her conceived child,” also adding that “to privilege as a general rule one life over another brings with it discrimination and this goes against the inherent equality present in all human beings.”

The document concludes highlighting that the country finds itself facing a norm that is “not only gravely unjust, but that also is a direct attempt against the Peruvian constitutional order – reason for which it is imperative its immediate derogation for the common good of all Peruvians.”