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Walking with Mary: stories of faith and devotion

At the heart of a Marian walk, pilgrims join in a spiritual journey with Mary, seeking to strengthen their relationship with the Lord Jesus, her Son. Through each step, they find in the guidance and company of Saint Mary, the comfort and strength necessary for their journey. On this journey it is moving to know the testimonies of those who have been touched by the presence of the Blessed Virgin. We want to present you stories of pilgrims who have walked alongside Our Lady of Reconciliation in Peru.

How was the road?

This year, the pilgrimage attracted a significant number of devotees, surpassing the previous year’s participation by around 200 people. The route, designed to suit the needs of families and the elderly, covered a distance of 6 km, shorter than in previous years.

The day began from the Cardal Health Post and ended in the Apóstoles de María Cat community in Pachacámac. At 10:30 am, the pilgrims began their journey of faith. After an emotional meeting at the Holy Mass upon arriving at their destination, everyone shared a festive lunch, where the celebration was mixed with recreational activities such as a gymkhana.

Mauricio Heredia: “We journey with Mary to meet Jesus”

This story is a testimony of faith, overcoming and dedication. Through his experience, Mauricio reminds us of the importance of trusting God in the midst of difficulties and of always walking hand in hand with Mary, our loving and protective mother.

A member of the Christian Life Movement in Lima, Mauricio shared with us his profound experience in leading the coordination of this year’s Marian pilgrimage. “We go on pilgrimage with Mary because we seek her and follow her to meet Jesus. She can guide us and intercede for us. She is our Mother, she takes care of us and teaches us in this life.”

However, being in charge of this pilgrimage was not an easy task. In his first experience being responsible for an event so significant to many people, he faced numerous challenges and doubts. “When they asked me if I wanted to be in charge, a lot of doubts and insecurities invaded me,” he confesses. However, remembering some words of encouragement, he decided to “jump into the pool.”

On the day of the walk, he said he faced moments of uncertainty and discouragement. “There was a moment when I thought everything was going to fall apart, but I felt that the Virgin sent someone at that moment to lift me up and give me strength; it helped me a lot to keep going,” he says excitedly.

Despite the difficulties, he acknowledged that being in charge of the pilgrimage gave him a unique perspective. “I experience that, being in charge, you do not live the pilgrimage in the same way as the pilgrims live it, but this does not mean that it is bad, it is simply another very nice way of living it,” he reflects. At the end of the day, seeing the happiness of all the families and participants, he found true joy in his work. “I could see how God is so great and how he acts in the hearts of people,” he concludes.

A renewing meeting for the Gálvez Urbina Family

In an emotional reflection, Jhohanna and Johan share their experience on this year’s Marian Pilgrimage. “For us, this event was very special and enlightening. “It occurred in a context of professional changes and deep reflection on our purpose as Christian parents,” they express with gratitude.

The expectation of his children was also palpable. “One of our 9-year-old daughters commented at school about the importance of May Day for the Marian Pilgrimage, encouraging several friends and their families to join us,” they say with joy.

“It was a moment of family unity, but also of connection with our great Sodalite family. We walk with Mary towards our goal, taking care of each other, praying and moving forward together with joy”, they relate with emotion.

“Thanks to God and the organizing team for making this Marian Pilgrimage possible. We hope that next year we can lead more people on this beautiful path of faith”, conclude Jhohanna and Johan, grateful for the opportunity to share this spiritual experience.