Promoting the Family and the Defense of Life

The evangelization of families, who have suffered the constant onslaught of the culture of death, is one of the most urgent challenges of our time.

The family is the original and most fundamental cell of society or as Blessed Pope John Paul II said, it is “the first human society.” It is also the sanctuary of life and should be the “school” that teaches man to live his capacity for communion and encounter. The family is the first evangelizer and educator in the faith.

The Sodalitium supports families so that they may become wellsprings of true love, where under the Holy Spirit, each individual is embraced, properly respecting freedom and living an openness to life and a spirituality in the family, thus nurturing and sustaining each member.

The Sodalit spirituality clearly affirms that the vocation to marriage is, for those whom God calls to that state of life, a path to holiness, and invites those on this path to live and thrive according to God’s plan.

Along with the evangelization of families, the Sodalitium strongly defends human life from natural conception to natural death, and the dignity of the human person in all conditions of life.