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Safe Environments


Ambientes seguros en el Sodalicio

We understand a safe environment as a healthy space, suitable for living and growing in confidence, particularly for every child, adolescent and vulnerable person. In a safe environment, we seek that everyone is treated with due care and respect, with the same dignity as children of God, rejecting all types of abuse or mistreatment. In this way it becomes a favorable environment for the integral development of the person, for their encounter with Christ the Reconciler and for their growth in faith.

This task is based on the Gospel itself that the Lord Jesus has left us: “This is my commandment: That you love one another, as I have loved you” (Jn 15:12). Christ is sent by the Father to transmit to us the commandment of love. In this way, through the life of Christ we can learn respect, charity, care, compassion, listening to those who suffer, protection of the defenseless, and everything that illuminates the life of the Christian and that can only be live with the grace of his Spirit.

It is important to guarantee safe environments for minors and vulnerable people in all our evangelizing activities. This includes our communities and apostolic projects. Therefore, we are committed to taking all appropriate measures to ensure that these places are safe for everyone.

Responding to Pope Francis, who asks us to live a culture of prevention, the Sodalitium promotes this culture through four pillars:

      1. Train to prevent abuse

        The Sodalitium provides ongoing training so that our entire community and the members of its apostolic services are aware of the various forms of abuse, know how to prevent it and how to respond early and appropriately if it occurs. To achieve this, the Sodalitium relies on the advice of experts in the construction of safe environments.

      2. Establish policies and codes of conduct

        The Sodalitium and its apostolic services have internal norms, policies and protocols that guide the appropriate treatment of minors and vulnerable people; and define the procedure to follow in the event of an occurrence. Its validity, relevance and compliance are permanently monitored to guarantee safe environments.

      3. Accept and respond to any accusation or complaint

        The Sodalitium duly welcomes any indication or complaint of abuse. We have an institutional channel so that anyone can present an accusation or complaint freely and in a space of trust. Likewise, we provide a serious, timely and personalized response.

      4. Act according to civil and ecclesiastical regulations

        We act in accordance with the country’s own civil regulations, respecting its current legislation, and collaborating with civil authorities when a report of abuse is filed. In the same way, the regulations of the Code of Canon Law, the ecclesiastical regulations that apply to societies of apostolic life, as well as the legislation of the dioceses in which the Sodalitium works are complied with.


Safe Environments Coordinator in Peru

Since March 2018, we have had the permanent advice of Rosario Pantoja, a clinical psychologist specialized in Abuse Prevention and Safe Environments . She provides advice on the implementation of Safe Environments and Abuse Prevention for the apostolic works of Sodalicio in Peru; She is a facilitator of the Virtus program and leads the constant training of all those who have contact with minors and vulnerable people. She is also responsible for the development and updating of protocols and codes of conduct.


Certified prevention training with VIRTUS

In December 2015, the Sodalitium contracted the services of the North American program Virtus, developed by the National Catholic Services. Virtus specializes in abuse prevention training that offers access to the Virtus On Line virtual platform.

Virtus trainings are led by a Virtus-certified facilitator and each participant receives a manual to guide them throughout the training. Prevention awareness is carried out through videos, group discussions, surveys, and other dynamics.

The Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, through its duly certified facilitators, has been providing these training to various people from our apostolic, educational and pastoral services since 2016, in the countries where we are present. We have trained members of the Sodalitium, managers, directors, teachers, workers, parents, leaders of Apostolic Centers, pastoral groups, volunteers, catechists and pastoral agents.


Reconciliatio: Initiative in support of prevention

In 2012, Reconcilatio emerged , an apostolic initiative formed by psychologists who are members of the spiritual family in Petrópolis (Brazil) dedicated to developing health prevention services and promoting the integral development of the person.

For several years, Reconcilatio has been offering Church institutions in Brazil and other countries various training services in abuse prevention, construction of safe environments, as well as psychological care for victims who have suffered abuse. To learn more about the project you can visit:


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