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The Procession of our Lady of Reconciliation is Underway

Lima 8/12/13 (Sodalit News- Peru)  As of Tuesday, August 13th the brotherhood of Our Lady of Reconciliation will hold several event to celebrate the feast of its patron and carry her statue on a palanquin to several Sodalit parishes and the parochial school that is named after her.


Every year, after months of preparation, the members of the brotherhood of Our Lady of Reconciliation (HNSR) initiate their procession full of joy and fervor, carrying the “Sorrowful Immaculate” (as the statue is also know) to visit chapels, parishes and the parochial school accompanied by the carriers and thurifer who help Mary accompany her children and invite them to encounter Jesus Christ, the one who Reconciles.

In honor of the occasion, the head of the brotherhood, Dante Carrasco, has sent a message to its members in which her reminds them that, “the mission of the Brotherhood and of our processions is the conversion of those who attend and give testimony of a spiritual family that looks to evangelize through its filial piety to Holy Mary, because she is the one who leads us to her son Jesus Christ.” He also asked them for, “much prayer, much fraternal love at our events, much discipline…much generosity with your time and effort and above all, be bearers of a brotherhood that shows its joyful and prayerful attitude as it goes through the streets.”

The procession of the Virgin will begin at the Parrish of Our Lady of Reconciliation in Camacho. Upon completing a novena, the statue will spend a night at the church of Christ Reconciler in Santa Felicia. The next day it will visit the parochial school of Our Lady of Reconciliation where the students and staff will have a chance to express their faith and devotion to Mary. Then it will return to the Christ Reconciler the same day. Thursday, the 15th it will begin its second day of prolonged procession to the church of Mary, mistress of reconciliation in Covima for the night. Finally, Saturday the 17th it will return to the Parrish of Our Lady of Reconciliation.

Throughout the procession, the Virgin Mary will receive the people’s affection and devotion. This affection is expressed through gifts and decorations that Our Lady has received throughout the year. Many have offered their time, talents and efforts to thank Our Lady for some favor obtained or asking her intercession for some necessity. The streets will be prepared for festivities and some families will prepare a welcome as the procession passes their houses.

 As part of the Parochial activities in honor of the Virgin and to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the creation of the Parish of Our Lady of Reconciliation, there will be a Gala concert at the church. On Sunday, continuing the celebrations, there will be a traditional Kermesse or fair at the Parrish.

 You can see the final video of the 2012 procession on Facebook.