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Catholic University of San Pablo participates in XI Summit of Ibero-American Youth Leaders

Arequipa, 15/08/13 (Sodalit News – Perú). The Ibero-American Youth Leaders Summit is a great occasion to strengthen relations between the European Union and Latin America. This year a professor from the Catholic University of San Pablo and former law student, Víctor Núñez Calderón, participated in the XI Summit in Madrid, Spain.


In the event Víctor Núñez had the chance to meet with many different members of the European Union (EU) whom serve in different areas. They varied from authorities and workers, to businessmen and entrepreneurs from Spain and all over the EU.

In a series of conferences and seminars the different participants affirmed that in Latin America there are countries, like Peru and others, which are seen as potential cultural and commercial partners. “The relationship between the EU and Latin America is beginning a path of trust and of opportunities that only months ago would have been impossible because of the ideological differences as well as the contrasting political and economic systems implemented in our region,” explained Víctor Núñez as one of the main fruits of this summit.


There were several expositions that were presented with the goal of bettering the leadership and development of those on scholarship in Latin America. A few of the topics that were discussed included the social-political and economic reality in Latin America, international law, human rights, renewable energy, and sustainable development along with many others.

“The exchange of ideas allowed us to identify and propose more simple solutions to social problems, as well as discover new opportunities for personal and community growth. We also were able to corroborate the value of building networks to improve our own situations and those of our community. This message is the one that I want to replicate with my students,” noted Núñez Calderón.

Students and teachers from the Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of San Pablo look to to participate frequently in academic activities and competitions at national and international levels. These events are opportunities to develop their person and achieve academic excellence. This is one of the key components of the educational experience that this institution offers.