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CEC Brazil begins course, “Classics of Catholic literature”

Petropolis, 10/14/14, (Sodalit News – Brazil). Together with the Catholic University of Petropolis (Brazil) the Christian Life Movement and the Center for Cultural Studies in Brazil released today a course called, “Classics of Catholic literature,” by Dr. Felipe Simas.


This course seeks to address, in ten classes, several works that are considered exponents of Catholic literature, in order to generate an active commitment of Catholics from the experience of aesthetic union and understanding, human reality and the divine plan. This will also function as an extension course of the Catholic University of Petropolis directed first to the university community, but open and available to all those interested.

The theme will focus on the major works of the authors as C.S. Lewis, J.R. Tolkien, Leon Bloy, Paul Claudel, George Bernanos, Miguel de Cervantes, Dante Alighieri, Gustavo Corção, among others. These are all presented from Sacred Scripture and Catholicism from patristic writings.

Dr. Felipe Simas, who is in charge of teaching the course, is a Doctor of Literature, Culture and Contemporaneity from the Pontifical University of Rio de Janeiro, as well as Masters in Brazilian Literature from the same University and a Post-graduate degree in English Literature from the Catholic University of Petropolis (UCP). He is also a member of a Marian Group in the Christian Life Movement (CLM) and the coordinator of the Centro for Cultural Studies in Brazil (CEC-Brazil) in Petropolis.

“Classics of Catholic literature” is an initiative of the CEC-Brazil and the CLM in Petropolis which takes place in as part of a growing cooperation between CEC and the UCP, thanks to an agreement signed by the Chancellor of the University, Fr. Pedro Paulo de Carvalho and Martin Ugarteche Rosa Fernandez, Director of the CEC-Brazil.

This cultural cooperation has also been put into practice through other projects such as “Nativity Stories” and “Life in Movement.” The course begins today October 14th and will have 10 classes every Tuesday evening at the Catholic University of Petropolis.