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Convocation of the IV Plenary Assembly of the Christian Life Movement

Lima, 07/03/2014 (Sodalit News – Peru). With an open letter to the members of the Sodalit Family this past April, former general coordinator of the Christian Life Movement, Fracisco Cañola, called for the IV Plenary Assembly of the CLM.


In the context of the XX Anniversary of the Pontifical Approval of the CLM and five years after having held the III Plenary Assembly, Francisco Cañola, General Coordinator of the CLM called for the IV Plenary Assembly of the Christian Life Movement which this time will be celebrated from January 19-25, 2015 in the city of Arequipa, Peru.

“In the effort to respond to the loving Plan of God,” explained Cañola in the letter, this Assembly will have the task of “evaluating the diverse aspects of the life of the Movement, as well as analyze the challenges that present themselves to us in the future.”  Likewise, the General Coordinator underlined the opportunity that the IV Assembly presents in order to deepen in the words of Pope Francis: “to live and to announce the joy of the Gospel”; words which will serve as the slogan for the IV Plenary Assembly of the CLM.


Francisco Cañola also invited all the members of the spiritual family to experience – from the midst of human littleness and “conscious that strength comes from God” – the opening of “our minds and our hearts to the grace which God abundantly pours in each one of us and in the Movement in general, so that our apostolic action would give abundant fruits.”

In the letter, Cañola makes a call to all of the regions and cities where the CLM is found to “organize themselves in order to make known their proposals to the secretary of the General Coordination Board of the Movement,” and wants all members to be able to collaborate in the organization through a survey which will soon be sent out.

Francisco Cañola concluded the letter asking for prayers for all of the spiritual family and entrusted the members of the CLM to Holy Mary, Star of the New Evangelization “so that it would be Her who prepares our hearts in order to be generous and available to announce Jesus.”