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On course towards 40 years for the Association of Mary Immaculate

Lima, 06/21/14 (Sodalit News – Peru). The Association of Mary Immaculate celebrated another anniversary hand in hand with Holy Mary.  Present in diverse countries throughout the world, the AMI celebrated its 39th anniversary with a Mass in some of the places where it is located along with a get-together with some of the different members of the Sodalit Family.


In Lima, where the Assocation of Mary Immaculate was born in 1975, the members of the association met in an environment of family and celebration in the chapel of the Holy Mary of the New Evangelization Pastoral Center of San Borja.  Members of the general council of the AMI came together with members of the Sodalit Family in order to give thanks to God for another year of its apostolate and maturation.  After the Eucharistic celebrated by Fr. Jean Pierre Teullet, SCV, Giuliana Scerpella, General Coordinator of the Association of Mary Immaculate, read a letter from Alejandra Keen, Superior General of the Marian Fraternity of Reconciliation, in which Keen greeted the members of the AMI and offered them her prayers from Mexico.


AMI members next to their husbands (Lima, Peru)

The whole Sodalit Family also gathered together in Santiago de Guayaquil for the celebration of the AMI’s anniversary.  Among them there were members of the Marian Fraternity of Reconciliation, the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, the Servants of the Plan of God and differend members of the Christian Life Movement.  The Eucharist was presided by Fr. Enrique Granados, SCV y it took place in the Church of the Annunciation.  Afterwards they shared a warm moment of sharing with the spiritual family.


AMI members from Santiago de Guayaquil, Ecuador

In Chile, the Association of Mary Immaculate celebrated the anniversary with a Eucharist, also in which different members of the spiritual family participated.  Alessandro Moroni, Superior General of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, was present in the Mass as he was doing an apostolic visit in the country.  In Columbia, Fr. Marcelo Carillo, SCV celebrated an intimate anniversary mass and a small gathering afterwards in which members of the Marian Fraternity of Reconciliation and Marian Groups participated.


AMI members from Chile next to Alessandro Moroni, Superior General of the Sodalitium.

In Brazil, the Marian Association of Mary Immaculate gave homage to Holy Mary with a small entrance procession in which Our Lady of Fatima was carried in and later crowned after the Communion and to whom they offered the Act of Consecration in the form of a song.  The Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Renivaldo, SCJ who encouraged the AMI to “have a heart more and more fixed to that of Mary in order to be closer to the heart of the Lord Jesus.