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Fr Alberto Hadad gave a talk at TEDx in Cali

Cali, 09/13/18 (Sodalitium News – Colombia). Fr Alberto Hadad, member of the Sodalitium, was a guest speaker at the TEDxYouth@CCB event that took place in Cali on May 19th.

During his talk, Fr Alberto Hadad shared his life experience and talked about the way in which he discovered his own call in life and goes deeper with us into his experience of sharing his life testimony on this plaform.

How were you invited to share your testimony on TEDxYouth@CCB?

Fr Alberto Hadad: I’m an alumnus of Colegio Colombo Británico de Cali (Colombia), and as a member of the alumni community, I was invited to be one of the guest speakers within the TED event organized by them.

What led you to giving a TED talk?

Fr Alberto Hadad: The school’s invitation and the idea of TEDx as a platform through which valuable ideas can be communicated to others.

How do you think your testimony can help change lives around the world?

Fr Alberto Hadad: I think my testimony can help other people find meaning in their lives. Particularly, I would like for my testimony to help young people with vocational inclinations have the courage to discern their vocation and answer the call the Lord makes them.

What was it like to share your testimony on TEDx?

Fr Alberto Hadad: It was very rewarding to hear other people’s testimonies and to be able to share my own. It has also been valuable to realize that people enjoyed what I said and that in a way it has helped them in their own lives.

How important do you think platforms like TEDx could be for evangelization?

Fr Alberto Hadad: I think they are spaces that allow ideas to be spread and may be useful to many people that make the best of the technology.

Fr Alberto Hadad is a priest in the Sodalitium Christianae Viate and works as Headmaster of the Colegio San José de Cajicá. He is a Theologian by the Pontificia Universidad Bolivariana and an Economist by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

In the spirit of sharing ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of organized local events that gather people to share similar experiences like TED. In TEDx events, through videos and live talks, an ambiance of reflection and connection is created in diverse groups.