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Grand Opening of “The Option V” on Television

Lima, 07/09/13 (Sodalit News – Peru). The “Option V” team, led by Father Jurgen Daum has taken on a new challenge in the adventure to promote true love and virtuous living, especially among today’s youth. Together they hope to reach more and more young men and women who, like them, desire an authentic love to let them know that they are not alone and to offer them the tools and information  they need to find and live this love.


The premiere of the television program Option V, already a leader in social networks on the promotion of true love, was on Friday, January 3rd in Lima, Peru. Through channel JN19 the Option V international team began its great adventure bringing true love and virtue to Peruvian television. The show aired at 5:00pm local time in Peru and will be aired again on Saturday at 11am.

This milestone comes after many years of work by which the Sodalit Priest Jürgen Daum and his dedicated team of young members of the Christian Life Movement (CLM) have   helped many people to come to believe in love and in the need to live virtuous lives to be able to live out this authentic love. Option V incorporates and promotes a series of concepts and ideals that help young men and women to prepare themselves to fully live out true love. Among these ideals are included courage, manliness, truth and victory.

With conferences, lectures, courses and other initiatives, Option V has managed to include more and more youth in the thrilling adventure of living a virtuous life and fight for the love of truth. Among these initiatives includes a website, a blog and a Facebook page where hundreds of young people share their testimony. Many young people confess to have been convinced of real love and the importance of living it with maturity through conferences and also courageous testimonies given by other young people who decided to leave behind the lie of pure sentimental relationships that caused them harm. Option V also had a booth at the Vocations Fair during World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where they shared the zeal to live true love with young people around the world.

And so continues the story of Option V, a tireless team that takes on this new adventure in its desire to “support and encourage young men and women to make the countercultural choice to live purity in order to achieve true love.” All this is in response to its commitment to “help one another to be able to help others and to continually seek God in order to encounter His unfailing forgiveness when necessary, and the strength He gives to be able to live chastity day in and day out.”

The Option V is a community that believes that true love exists, and that it is possible to reach it by the dedicated practice of the Virtue of Chastity. We know it is not easy: it is for courageous men and women. We are convinced that victory is possible if we are educated in the virtue chastity. We commit ourselves to help one another to be able help others, and to continually seek God in order to encounter His unfailing forgiveness when necessary, and the strength He gives to be able to live chastity day in and day out.