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“Guidelines from the Evangelii Gaudium for the CLM” in Mother of the Apostles Parish

Santiago de Chile, 17/10/14, (Sodalit News – Chile). The General Coordinator of the Christian Life Movement, Alexandre Borges, SCV. visited Chile where he gave a lecture, entitled “Guidelines from the Evangelii Gaudium for the CLM” in the Parish Mother of the Apostles.


This talk highlighted the importance of the apostolic exhortation for the Church and the Christian Life Movement (CLM) as it represents a programmatic sense of what Pope Francis seeks to accomplish during his pontificate.

To further reflection, Alexandre Borges divided his talk in six points as elements that CLM members should seek to live in this time, in order to continue to deepen the meeting of the General Coordinators of Ecclesial Movements in Rome and the upcoming General Assembly the CLM.

In the first point, Borges said that this period of the New Evangelization should be marked by joy, in a noticeable ardor and dynamism, which calls Christians to be leaders and to discover the joy of the Gospel in order to transmit it to others. Also, in the second point, he stressed to take on risks, explaining that “he who takes risks will not be disappointed by the Lord,” and that those who “enjoy life more, are those who leave their comfort zone.”

With the third point Borges highlighted the “Eternally New” Gospel, explaining that “we must always be renewed in God, renewed with the community,” and that we are called to “always remember that the work is God’s work, the initiative has always been given by Him.”

In the fourth item, he focused on the apostolate as first of all ideals, and explained that the evangelization should take place in three levels: ordinary pastoral work, apostolate to the baptized who do not live the requirements of baptism and apostolate to those who do not yet know God. He explained that “the biggest challenge currently is the missionary activity and to keep the apostolic zeal.”

As a fifth point Borges stressed that the proclamation must be from the heart of the gospel which “becomes concrete in that which is essential, which is the beauty of the saving love of God in Christ Jesus. It’s a message that every Christian must deliver in person.” Similarly he stressed the need “for amending our defects which the Gospel condemns and our conscience tells us. Thus the Church is always reforming itself and it does so from within.”

Finally, Alexandre Borges finished his talk quoting Pope Francisco: “I dream of a missionary option capable of transforming everything.”