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“It’s important to purify all that must be purified”

Rome Report’s interview of Fernando Lozada

Rome, 07/13/18 (Rome Reports – Italy). Fernando Lozada is a consecrate of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae since 2001, he’s 36 and is the superior of how of the institution’s houses in the Eternal City. He recognizes that they have been through tough times since the scandals of the abuses perpetrated by their founder Luis Fernando Figari came to light.

“Along with discovering what our founder had done, a great shame followed and then a becoming aware of a series of things that needed to change. There are probably many other things that need to keep changing. It’s important to examine one’s conscience, purify all that must be purified and be better Christians, convert more.”

In 2016 the Sodalitium condemned the behavior of Luis Fernando Figari whom they consider morally guilty of all the abuses that he has been accused of and labelled him a persona non grata. Currently, the Vatican is accompanying the process of renovation of the Sodalitium through an ad nutum Delegate: Cardinal Joseph William Tobin and a Commissary Apostolic: Monsignor Noel Antonio Londoño.

“I think it is also a nice gesture from God and that will bring forth good things because it is a looking into who we are from the outside, not the inside. And maybe a vision that lacks prejudice which unfortunately exists, which can enrich us.”

“When the scandal came to the light I received job offers from members of my family, they were incredibly generous. Moreover, looking at it from different sides it would have been more comfortable for me to leave but it is not about where I feel comfortable, it is about where God wants me to love. I think that the Sodalitium is good and if I am still here it is because of God’s action in my life, in the lives of my (Sodalit) brothers, and in the lives of the people that approach and come in contact with the community. I don’t deny the evil that has been done, I don’t deny the deeds against the Gospel, but I believe the Sodalitium is something God himself has wanted.”

The community’s work becomes concrete in the apostolic work done with the youth in schools, universities and the assistance to those in need. For example, consecrates like Fernando, accompany young people that travel on solidarity and evangelization missionary trips to country like Peru and Ecuador.

The Sodalitium was founded in Peru in 1971. It is an Apostolic Life Society conformed by lay men and priests. Fernando met the Sodalitium when he was 16 and at age 19 decided to become a consecrate. He is certain that the path forward for his society’s work (now present in 9 countries around the world) is through each member’s acknowledgement of why and for whom they decided to give their lives.